Act Like You Know Trend Song TikTok: All You Need To Know

A new trend ‘Act Like You Know’ is flaunting across TikTok and users are looking to know the title of the song featured for this video trend. If you are among these users looking for the song featured for the video trend ‘Act Like You Know’, here we have got all details.

With each passing day, TikTok users come up with video challenges featuring songs that we have hardly heard before. From food challenges to dance challenges and music trends, we witness thousands of new challenges emerge on TikTok.

This time users are obsessed with a new trend ‘Act Like You Know’ and here we have explored all the details related to this trend.

Act Like You Know Trend TikTok

Image Of Act Like You Know Trend TikTok

The popular trend ‘Act Like You Know’ asks the users to act out real-life and relatable situations to a catchy beat playing in the background. Several TikTok stars have participated in the trend making it even more famous on the internet.

The TikTok content creator, Montez Wilson has also joined the video captioning it as: “Me when my mom says ‘who is it? After I knock on her door.” In the video, he can be seen trying to toy with his mother, who keeps doing her chores until she gets frustrated by his antics.

Several other users have created a variety of videos showing hilarious scenes from their daily life. Another popular video creator Camden Lewinsky, has also joined the trend. He has captioned the video, “When my mom asks, am I the girl or boy in the relationship.”

Although users are seen enjoying the catchy beat of the background track, plenty of them are unaware of the song’s title. Thus, they are looking for the song’s title online. If you are also looking to explore the song title, we have provided all the details in the following paragraphs.

What Is The Song From Act Like You Know Trend On TikTok

Image Of What Is The Song From Act Like You Know Trend On TikTok

The signature background track for this popular trend is known as Act Like You Know. It is sung by LaShun Pace. This trendy track is part of the album A Wealthy Place, comes under the category, Gospel and Christian.

Little did we know that the 90s gospel song would take over the Byte-Dance-owned platform in 2022. Even since the song has surfaced on TikTok, it has become a big hit.

Several TikTok users have finally come to know about this song. Thus, Act Like You Know has finally got all the attention it ever deserved.

We have seen several stars hopping into the trend, adding to its popularity of it. Nia, a popular TikTok star, was also spotted participating in the trend. She discussed her struggle with waist trainers in the viral video under the hashtag Act Like You Know.

Another song that went viral under the hashtag Act Like You Know, was shared by RemyRem. She made a transformation video wearing a wig. The video has amassed millions of views so far.

Most of the video creators, who have participated in this trend, have featured their mothers. One of the videos that went viral under this trend, featured the video ‘it’s always the youngest.. fight be about it in the comments. The hashtag ‘Act Like You Know’ also has garnered millions of views. So, this video trend has garnered immense popularity over the video-sharing app.

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Last Words

This was all about the popular ‘Act Like You Know Trend’ and the song related to it. Hopefully, you have got all the details you were looking for. If you already have participated in the trend, drop the video link for higher reach.

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