Awstin 13 TikTok — Controversy Of The Rising TikTok Star

Have you heard people talking about Awstin 13 TikTok? Do you want to know why is he being so much discussed these days? Do want to know more about this TikTok user? If yes, then keep scrolling. This article will put light on the hot topic Awstin 13 TikTok. It will also tell you the back story of this TikTok user and the ongoing controversy.

Being spread extensively, TikTok is home to so many users from every corner of world. Be it, singers, sport persons, actors, dancers, cooking experts, designers, or business personalities, everyone has got a corner on this video sharing application. As we all know that, where there are people there are controversies. This is exactly what happening on TikTok.

The Awstin 13 TikTok is accused of being a rapist. Shocked? Yes, this was how exactly I felt when I heard about this news for the first time. But it might be fake news? Well, let’s discuss in more detail to know if the controversy is based on truth or not.

Who Is Awstin 13 On TikTok

Image Of Who Is Awstin 13 On TikTok

Awstin 13 TikTok is a rising TikTok star. He belongs to Michigan. He lives with his 17 year old brother Skyler Murawski and single dad Teejay Murawski. His mother’s name is Jennifer Price who is married to Desmond Turner after getting divorce from Teejay Murawski. Austin (Awstin) Murawski has a sister as well.

Awstin has garnered more than 354.7k followers and more than 10.5 Million hearts on his TikTok account. He is famous for sharing random lip syncing videos on the Chinese video sharing application. The TikTok star has occupied a space on Instagram as well. But it seems like he believes in living a private life. He has a private account on Instagram with 8K followers and 46 posts.

Awstin 13 Age

Image Of Awstin 13 Age

Awstin has not revealed much about his body but according to some sites he is 19 years old. He was born on 13th of July 2001. He weighs approximately 135 lbs, while his height is 5 feet and 9 inches. His parents have separated so he lives with his single dad and brother. He also has a sister who lives with his mother.

Despite of being a famous TikTok user, he is unable to make his spot on Wikipedia page and other top websites. He is an American and white in ethnicity. According to some of Awstin’s TikTok videos, we have got information that he is currently dating his girlfriend named as Payge Walker.

They are often seen together in the TikTok videos. Awstin has shared his childhood with his two siblings. He shares a special bond with his sister Kandence Murawski, they often make TikTok videos together.

According to Awstin’s Facebook profile, he is a huge fan of NBA. He also loves to play basketball in his free time. Currently, he is studying in University Of Michigan but the focus areas of his studies are unknown till now.

Awstin 13 TikTok Sister

This famous social media personality is facing an allegation these days. He is accused of being a rapist. According to the allegations he raped his younger sister. It is said that Austin raped his sister when she was either 5 or 9 yrs old.

It is also said that he spent time in juvenile prison for his sister’s rape. But his sentence is unknown till now because Juvenile prison records are not made public. After knowing these allegations, Awstin is facing strong reactions from his fans, many of them are even giving him death threats.

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This was all about the Awstin 13 TikTok. Hope you have got ample information related to the social media personality and his personal life. Follow us to know about all the trending topics on TikTok.

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