Babychar 17 TikTok — Buss It Challenge Gone Too Far

Have you seen your news feed being flooded with Babychar 17 TikTok? Want to know why? Well you have opened the most relevant article. Keep reading and get to know how the famous Buss It Challenge has made to twitter.

Buss It Challenge has remained one of most viral challenges of TikTok. It has amassed 2.4 billion views as of now and that’s huge. Initially the challenge was quite harmless but now it has taken a harmful turn that a video by user Babychar 17 TikTok is being removed from the video sharing application.

In the start the challenge was more of a transition trend. It asked the users to wear their causal clothes first and then appear wearing some skin-hugging cloths and do some twerks or just pose in a fascinating look. But now the challenge has taken a whole new turn. Want to know what actually the Babychar 17 TikTok is all about? If yes, then keep scrolling!

Babychar17 Buss It Challenge On Twitter

Image Of Babychar17 Buss It Challenge On Twitter

The Buss it Challenge took a U-turn when Slim Santana came up with an explicit video. It rapidly became viral on the video sharing app. Soon, this video was overthrown by a new video with the hash tag Buss It Challenge, rolled by a user known as Babychar17.

Babychar17, is an American social media sensation. She is mostly known for her sensitive content. Born on 1st February 1992, she is currently 28 years old. Her popularity chart went up, when she uploaded a video following Buss It Challenge from TikTok. This video was posted on 26th January and it crossed 1 million views in just a single day.

She has gained more than 73K followers on her Twitter account and people now are calling her “Twitter famous” because of the popularity she gained after sharing the video containing sensitive content. Till now, this video has earned, 271.4K hearts and it is retweeted for more than 6.3K times.

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Babychar17 Buss It Challenge On TikTok

Image Of Babychar17 Buss It Challenge On TikTok

Buss It Challenge made a comeback on the video sharing application when a sensitive video was posted by a young TikTok user. Though the video was created by an OnlyFans creator @babychar17, it was later posted on TikTok by an 18 year old young TikTok user.

By reposting the video, she garnered a massive number of followers and hearts. But the video was soon removed from TikTok due to its extremely explicit or extremely x-rated nature.

The video didn’t face any restriction on Twitter because it gives a considerable relaxation to users in terms of content rules. If you have missed the video, you can watch it on Twitter as it is still available there. After the video went viral, people have given strong reactions towards the Buss It Challenge.

Meme creators have also come forward with some spicy memes covering this new viral video. Users have given mixed reactions towards the trend, one user added “Nah nah nah this trend is getting out of hand,” another came up with the following remarks, “Why do I keep doing this to myself, I need to stop being nosy.”

A viral meme that is currently flaunting on internet says “The Buss It video has got people wanting to put bleach in their eyes” Some other memes say, “I think I’ve had enough of the internet for today” One user said, Buss It Challenge has gone too far that they need unsee eyedrops now.

Concluding Remarks

Seems like the famous Buss It Challenge is being ruined forever now. This was all about the trending Babychar 17 TikTok video. Hope you have got enough information about this new social media hype.

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