Beat It Out The Frame TikTok — Dance Challenge Gone Viral

Beat It Out The Frame TikTok song is going viral these days. People are going crazy about the beat and the dance moves that are being created by TikTokers. Want to know how you can participate in the challenge? Keep scrolling, enjoy the read and know how this challenge can be excelled.

TikTok is a Chinese social networking application that allows users to share videos only (unlike other social media applications). People share millions of innovative videos from their TikTok accounts every day. The application introduces new features, lenses and challenges every day.

Currently, people on TikTok are showing amazing moves with the hashtag Beat It Out The Frame TikTok and the TikTok feed is being flooded by the videos playing this viral song in the background. Since the corona pandemic has affected the mental health of so many people around the world, we need more positive challenges like these to spread smiles on the faces of depressed souls.     

Beat It Out The Frame Dance On TikTok

TikTok users have always entertained us with variety of content. Some of them have come up with funny content while others have shown their creativity using different music files and beats. This time they have made all of us move with a new dance trend. The song selection for this dance trend is so amazing that you won’t be able to stop yourself from showing some dance moves.

TikTokers have showed incredible funny dance moves that will definitely make you smile. Have you accepted the challenge? If not then what are you waiting for! Open your TikTok, go to trending, look for any of the Beat It Out The Frame Dance video, import the music and get started. As this song is trending on TikTok, your video will definitely garner plenty of likes, views and shares.

Enjoy this TikTok Compilation of Beat It Out The Frame Dance

Beat It Out The Frame Lyrics

Image Of Beat It Out The Frame Lyrics

The song is originally sung by Sissy Noby. The song lyrics go like this,

She a lil Baddie

And her friend fine to

I’m like how ya doin

Where ya going what it do

Let me think hmm me you and you

To the room no rules

That’s a dub time two

Beat it out the frame 3*

Man I don’t think

But tomorrow same thing

Beat it out the frame 3*

Something gotta change

But tomorrow same thing

Aye Yo, Why you acting bad like I ain’t already smashed

Tryna run that thing back

Punt returning to that Ass

No call No show Can’t even get a text back

Keep that same energy when you see me with these bags

In the club or the yacht where the party jumping at

Like who the fuck is you again security get rid of that

Give a fuck brigem out need to see what’s on hand

Tell them hoes pussy pop while I pop these rubber bands

On stage or the floor tell her hit that handstand

Round of applause now let me see it with no hands

New hunnids new edition

Babe can you stand the rain no brain no gain

Or whatever betty said yeh

She a lil Baddie

And her friend fine to

I’m like how ya doin

Where ya going what it do


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Concluding Remarks

Users on social media are trying to cope up with the new challenges to stay ahead in the race of innovation. We always try our best to update you with all the new trends prevailing on the social media platforms. We hope that this article has provided you all the details regarding Beat It Out The Frame TikTok challenge. Let us know with your comments whether you enjoyed the read or not.

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