I Am Healthy I Am Wealthy TikTok — Viral On TikTok

TikTok users are welcoming the New Year with I Am Healthy I Am Wealthy TikTok. Thinking about good things for the New Year TikTok users are again taking over the internet with a hit sound track. Do you want to know what I Am Healthy I Am Wealthy TikTok exactly is and how to be part of this trendy dance challenge? If yes, then you are on the most relevant space. Keep reading and get to know all information about this viral dance and the hit sound track.

TikTok is home to amazing dance trends. With its entertaining content TikTok has made the Corona pandemic year bearable for us. As we have finally stepped into a new decade, people on TikTok are flooding the Foryou page with positive trends and challenges. Among these challenges we have noticed a new trend that asks the users to think about positive things for this New Year.

These viral dance videos are based on lyrics of a song called I am by Yung Baby Tate. The song “I am” is sung by Atlanta rapper Yung Baby Tate, her real name is Tate Sequoya Farris. It was released on 4th of December last year and now it has become a big hit. Let’s dig into more details to learn how this challenge can be done.

What Is I Am Healthy I Am Wealthy On TikTok All About

The new viral trend I Am Healthy I Am Wealthy is all about user’s New Year’s affirmations. The challenge asks people to be optimistic about this coming year. As law of attraction plays a vital role in functioning of this universe, people are singing I Am Healthy I Am Wealthy to get positive things into their lives.

This viral trend is currently flooding the internet. The Forypou page of TikTok is also taken over by this optimistic video trend. In short, users are allowing some positive energy to sink inside them so that they can spend this year happily unlike the previous one.

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I Am Healthy I Am Wealthy TikTok Song

Image Of I Am Healthy I Am Wealthy TikTok Song

Sung by Tate Sequoya Farris, the song I Am Healthy I Am Wealthy goes like this,

“I am healthy, I am wealthy

I’m rich, I am that b**ch

I am gonna go get that bag

And I am not gonna take your s**t

I am protected, well respected

I’m a queen, I’m a dream

I do what I wanna do

And I’m who I wanna be

‘Cause I am me”

How To Do The I Am Healthy I Am Wealthy TikTok Dance

The catchphrase of song “I Am Healthy I Am Wealthy” has become anthem for the TikTok users. The song is featured for millions of videos till now as everyone on TikTok is looking forward to glow up this year. Participating in this viral trend is quite simple. Here’s how to do it.

To be part of this trend all you have to do is to create a tranquil scene. Open your TikTok Application, tap on the record button and Sit in a lawn looking off into sky or any other scenery. You can also create a calm clip while dolling up in the morning.

Once you create a short video with a soothing scene, add the “I am healthy, I am wealthy” song in the background and post it. Don’t forget to add the hash tag I Am Healthy I Am Wealthy TikTok, so that you will get more chances of reaching on to the Foryou page.

Final Words

This was all about the trendy I Am Healthy I Am Wealthy TikTok. Hope the article has provided ample information related to this viral video trend. Stay connected to know more about the trending stories.

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