Innocence Test TikTok — Here’s How To Get It Done

Following a series of challenges, Innocence Test TikTok is now taking over the internet. The challenge enables the users to determine exactly how wild they’ve been in their lives by asking them to answer a series of questions. Want to know how to do the Innocence Test TikTok? If yes, then keep scrolling and get to know all information related to this viral challenge,

TikTok has never disappointed its users when it comes to entertainment. It provides a platform for people belonging to different personality traits. It has focused every single user’s choices and desires. Following this tradition it has currently come up with the Innocence test that will tell the users how wild they have been in their lives so far.

The challenge asks users to read a statement and then series of questions. Users have to raise all their fingers and each time they agree with the statement they have put down a finger. At the end they will get to know how wild they have been so far. Keep reading to learn more about the viral test.

What Is The Innocence Test On TikTok

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Innocence Test TikTok is a trending challenge designed especially for the young TikTok users. While attempting the challenge you will be asked about some basic questions like drinking alcohol and so on. After seeing the questions we have concluded that the challenge is mainly designed for teen agers as it asks about behavior in school or some other very basic things.

Similar versions of test are also available on various other social media platforms. If you are a Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat user then you can use this test on these platforms as well. But the test available on TikTok is quite shorter one. All other tests available on other platforms include full list of prompts with responses that indicate whether they’ve done that particular thing or not.

The test looks boring this way as people don’t really prefer reading long lists. So, people are having fun with the Innocence Test On TikTok because it is limited by the number of fingers a person has. Being honest about your wilder sides is the best part of this challenge.

How To Do The Innocence Test On TikTok

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The test has been circulating on TikTok since last few months. So many users have already attempted the test. While many of them are still wondering to know how this test can be taken.

A similar test was taken back in 80’s when a survey of 100 questions was conducted as Rice University in Houston. The test was named as Rice Purity test. It asked about a person’s innocence in relation to a number of different topics such as sex, drugs and crime.

The currently viral social media tests are just another form of Rice Purity test with an updated list of questions. The Innocence Test on TikTok was created by two young American girls who go by the names of @50shades_of_grace and @ellemn0 on TikTok.

To complete the test you have to answer all the questions honestly so that you will get to know your wilder side. The more fingers down the more wilder your personality will be and the fingers raised will tell about your innocence.

This test is being taken more than 1.3 million times in just 24 hours after its launch. If you want to know about your wild traits, then we would suggest you to take part in this viral trend. But remember that you have to be honest while answering every question.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the trending Innocence Test TikTok. Let us know with your comments if you find this test entertaining or not.

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