Is Hometica Legit? Website Review Jan 2022

Hometica is a new website that offers a range of cleaning accessories. Here we have pieced together all the information that will help you identify whether or not Hometica is legit.

With increasing technological advancements, internet websites are being poured with fake content and websites on daily basis. Hence, it has now become difficult for netizens to rely on the information without doing adequate research.

A new website has joined the internet recently that sells cleaning accessories and hygiene items. However, shoppers are reluctant to buy goods as the website is a newbie. To help such buyers, we have penned down this post which contains all basic information about Hometica.

So, is Hometica a legit deal or just another fake portal? Let’s figure it out!

Is Hometica An Authentic Website?

Is Hometica A Fake Website?

The people, who were looking for cleaning accessories to retain the hygiene of their houses and bathrooms, have finally found a stop to shop. Hometica has recently emerged as website that addresses all your cleaning and hygiene requirements.

The website contains a variety of bathroom and kitchen accessories. Some of the notable items that you will find on this website include kitchen utensils, bedroom organizers, kitchen organizers, laundry cleaning accessories, and much more.

Hometica further claims that it provides quality products thus; potential buyers can make purchases without being worried about the quality and prices.

Well, this is what we have found on the website so far, but does Hometica really provides authentic products, and is it a legit deal? Here is the answer!

To help you know the legitimacy of Hometica, we have examined the website based on the below aspects:

  • Domain age
  • Trust Score
  • Social Media Presence
  • Website Reviews
  • Website Content
  • Contact Details
  • Alexa Rank

Let’s discuss each of the above elements in more detail.

Number One: Domain Age

The website is a newbie and was created on 5th August 2021. Based on the domain registration age, the website is just 6 months old.

People often feel reluctant to rely on newbies, so do we. Hence, we would suggest the users wait until the website becomes a reliable one.

Is Hometica A Fake Website?

Is Hometica A Fake Website?

Number Two: Trust Score

Another tool that most informed shoppers use to find the accuracy of any website is the online trust score calculator. Based on how many people from all around the world rely on any website, it tells calculates the trust score for a website.

In the case of Hometica, it only has a score of 1% which means A DISASTER! For in terms of trust score, it’s a big NO for us.

Number Three: Social Media Presence

Hometica’s website is linked with its social media pages including Facebook, and Instagram. The Instagram and Facebook pages also are quite active, which is a positive symbol.

Number Four: Website Reviews

The website reviews of Hometica also seem fishy as it has only garnered 5-star reviews. Amassing only 5 stars is not a piece of cake, so we are sure of its legitimacy.

Number Five: Website Content

Around 30% of the website content is copied, which is again a negative sign.

Number Six: Contact Details

The website provides an office address and email address but the phone number is missing.

Number Seven: Alexa Rank

The website has got an Alexa Rank of 429853, which isn’t a satisfactory rank at all.

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Final Verdict

Based on the above information, Hometica doesn’t seem a legitimate website. It is a newbie and does not fulfill all the requirements to satisfy its authenticity. Thus, momentarily, buyers must not rely on the site without doing further research.

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