How to Use Minecraft Tick Speed Command?

Minecraft is a very interesting game available on various online platforms and game consoles like PlayStation, Xbox game Studio. The game tests your ability to explore different craft tools, raw material and also your creativity of producing and building structures. The article will explain about Minecraft Tick speed Command.

Minecraft lets you play as any character that has ever existed in the fictional history — from Cinderella to Homer Simpson.

Game Tick

Before getting into that the details of the topic let’s first discuss what is a tick. So, it is common to almost all video games. This is most relevant to the programming of the game. The actions and advancement of the gaming simulation is synced with a game loop. Exactly one cycle of the game loop is called a tick.

Normally, Minecraft’s games loop runs at a fixed rate which is 20 ticks per second. This makes 1 tick every per 0.05 second. However, many computers depending on their speed can have varying rate of ticks and ticks per second (TPS).

So, what is the use of these ticks? The movements in the game are timed according to these ticks rather than the clock time. So, sometimes you may also encounter delays in the movements and actions of the game on a slow computer.

Various aspects of the game like change in the position of moving objects, mobs changing their behavior and update it according to their surroundings occur per tick. On Moreover, health and hunger are affected by the player’s circumstances, and much more.

All of this happens on the game’s server, the part of the program that handles game logic (even in singleplayer mode). As a result, things the client does, such as drawing graphics, do not affect the tick rate no matter how slow or fast it runs.

Ticks can be further categorized into types based on the how they cause different aspects to change. The types are: Chunk tick, Random tick, Scheduled tick and Redstone tick.

Minecraft Tick Speed Command Explained

In Minecraft games, tick speed is available from 0 to 256 ticks per second. But, normally 20 ticks are available per second which can be increased with the advancement of level. Thus higher levels can give you increments in the TPS.

Image of random tick speed minecraft

But is there any way to change these Ticks per seconds or in other words just tick speed in Minecraft. Yes there is a way. This command is called the /gamerule command which is available some versions of the Minecraft which are Java Edition (PC/Mac), Pocket Edition (PE), Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 Edition and Education Edition.

Primarily, there are two different commands with slight difference, one for checking the game rule and one to set a particular value of game rule. They are:

/gamerule <rule> <value>                                 [To give a particular value]

/gamerule <rule>                        [Just to check the rule]

This is a general command to perform a number of tasks. For instance, rule doFireTick sets whether fire should naturally spread and then extinguish doMobSpawning fixes whether mobs should spawn naturally. There are several such command rules.

The rule which we desire for Tick Speed is randomTickSpeed. This command is generally sets the speed of how fast things grow or decay (such as the growth of a sapling into a tree or movement of a game character). 0 disables the random tick. The higher the value, the faster the random tick will be.

How to Enter the Command

The chat window provides the easiest way to enter a command. Different versions of Minecraft have different keys to open the chat window. In Java Scirpt edition, we can open it using the alphabet key ‘T’ of your keyboard whereas in Pocket Edition (PE) you just need to tap the Description: help command  (screen command) which you will found right on the top of the screen. Similarly, ‘T’ key for Windows 10 and Education versions will work. For Xbox and PS4, the  D-Pad right  Description: xbox one  on the controller.

Now, you just need to put your desired command which is stated above to change the Tick Speed of your game.

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