Owa Owa TikTok — Here’s About The Cutest Pup On TikTok

If you are live on TikTok, then you might have heard about the Owa Owa TikTok video. Want to know the meaning of this strange Title (owa owa)? If yes, then keep scrolling. This article will put light on the viral Owa Owa TikTok video and its back-story.

You might have seen plenty of interesting videos that feature cute pets, but the Owa Owa TikTok video is cutest of all. It features a pup rescued by Malachy James form an abusive home. The pup was just 5 years old when he met Malachy James for the first time. It has been 7 years since James and this pup live together.

James calls the pup Pudgy, and he is a long haired Chihuahua. The Owa Owa TikTok video has amassed millions of views and the followers count has reached to 4.8 Million. In the video pudgy can be heard making a strange Owa Owa song. This is from where the viral video got its name. Let’s dig in deep to learn more about this viral puppy video.

What Does Owa Owa Mean On TikTok

Image Of What Does Owa Owa Mean On TikTok

The Owa Owa TikTok has taken over the Foryou page of TikTok. Pudgy aka Owa Owa dog has become a TikTok celebrity after his video went viral. The video was named as Owa Owa video when the cute pup barked at his owner’s earphones. Malachy James the owner of Pudgy has confirmed that he makes strange voices since he was very young.

Pudgy got to meet James when he was found roaming on streets after he fled from an abusive home. James’ elder brother’s friend found him and left him with Malachy. James has shared his first experience with Pudgy that he felt an instant connection with the pup as he saw him for the first time. After this encounter he thought of adopting him right away.

Owa Owa Meme

Image Of Owa Owa Meme

According to James, Pudgy is a calm, loving, sweet and positive pup. You can find Pudgy on almost every social media platform. He has accounts on Instagram and TikTok. He also has a YouTube channel. Pudgy’s TikTok account (@pudgywoke) has now a massive 4.9 million followers counter along with 121.3 million likes altogether on his videos.

His Instagram account (@pudgywoke) also has has 89.9K followers and the count is still on. Pudgy has joined Instagram recently on 6th December 2020: and in a very short time span he has gathered considerable popularity. After going through his Instagram posts, we have concluded that Pudgy is a sweet and optimistic pup. One of his Instagram post reads,

“I’m so grateful for my life. I love everyone no matter what they think about me! I feel blessed & I want all of you to feel the same way. You all have the power to achieve any aspiration you have, just stay focused on yourself & determined on your dream, it will become your reality I promise!!! Stay positive, spread love, & speak kindly to the universe. Everything will be alright”

Pudgy also has a YouTube channel named as (Pudgy Woke). Despite not having any content posted on his channel he still holds 8.23K subscribers. Well that seems huge for a little pup! Right?

After going viral on TikTok, Pudgy is now posting similar videos with dog’s vocals. Pudgy’s owner, James is also a social media influencer. The 18 year old dog daddy is a verified TikTok creator (@malachy) with 248.5K followers. He introduced his dog from his backup TikTok account. Considering the attention his puppy got, he decided to name his backup account as (@pudgywoke).

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Final Words

This was all about the famous Owa Owa TikTok video. Let’s wait and watch, what kind of weird trend will be the next to shock the TikTok community.

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