Picrew TikTok Trend — Here’s All You Need To Know

If you are tired of all the out-dated TikTok trends then you should check this new Picrew TikTok Trend that has spread widely on most of the social media platforms. If you don’t know the meaning then there is nothing to worry about, read this article till the end and you will get to know all details about this viral trend.

Social media trends have been the life saving drugs against boredom for most of the social media users. It was surely not possible to spend the Covid year without social media platforms and the social media trends. These trends and challenges have made our quarantine days bearable.

Currently, TikTok and Twitter users are obsessed with a new trend named as Picrew Trend. This trend is more like the Renaissance Trend from Instagram and Anime Filter trend from Snapchat. Here is how to be part of this viral social media trend. Stay tuned!

What Is Picrew TikTok Trend

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Picrew TikTok Trend is a new cartoon trend that has remained flaunting on most of the social media platforms in some recent days. If you are live on Twitter, then you might have seen your pals sharing an adorable cartoon that resembles their features.

People on social media are basically sharing their own version cartoon and twitter timelines are filled with these cute cartoons.

Some users who don’t know how to create these cartoons are still confused about how to customize their own cartoon character. These cartoons are based on a Japanese avatar creator known as Picrew. It is a platform that helps the users to design their own character builders.

After the trend went viral, this avatar generator is doing rounds this time. This amazing avatar creator is designed by an artist known on Twitter as ELI. The avatar generator enables you to customize every single part of you, including eyes, hair, skin tone and even clothes. You can also add background and body gestures to have a striking resemblance.

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How To Do Picrew On TikTok 

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To create your own avatar, search for “Picrew By ELI” in your Google tab and open the link that appears at the top. Once you open this tab, it will lead you towards a page that is written in Japanese language but you can also translate it into English.

Once you get your hands on the image creator, start designing your character. Begin with the face, ear and eye shape and change your skin tone and eye color that resembles you.

This can be done by clicking on the paint brush icon above the categories of features. Next, you have to choose your mouth and eyebrow shapes and any other feature that you want to add, including freckles and make up.

Scroll through the features categories and start designing your hairstyle. The best thing about this image creator is that you can create different layers of hair with different length and style. 

You can even create a pony tail or a sideburn if it suits you. Then, you can select from a wide variety of dresses. Select the dress and the dress color according to your suitability.

After deciding your cloths, you can also add some accessories to compliment your overall look. To make your avatar more adorable, add a hand gesture. Lastly, add a background layout to complete the look.

Once you are done with generating the avatar, you can now share it on your social media platforms. But don’t forget to tag the artist ELI whenever you post it.

Bottom Line

This was all about Picrew TikTok Trend; hopefully the information provided in this article will help you to generate your own cartoon avatar.

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