Who is Razane Jammal From Paranormal On Netflix

In the time of covid 19 when everybody was confined to home. Netflix streaming service offered a wide variety of award winning TV shows, movies, anime documentaries. Many more on thousands of internet connected devices.

Here we will discuss a new television series called Razane Jammal Paranormal. You can watch Razane Jammal Paranormal on Netflix as much as you want whenever you want. Without any signal commercial for low monthly prices. Every week you have something new to watch and discover.

Who Is Razane Jammal?

Razane Jammal is a British-Lebanese actress from Beirut, Lebanon. Paranormal fans will most likely recognize Jammal from her role. As Lana Jarrar in Olivier Assayas’ Carlos and Anahit in Robert Guédiguian’s. Jammal was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon and began acting when she was 15-years-old. She then moved to London when she turned 18, studying business at King’s College London.

Jammal landed her first major role in the French film, Carlos in 2009. Then went on to star in the horror movie Djinn, alongside Aiysha Hart. In 2014, she starred alongside Liam Neeson in A Walk Among the Tombstones. Jammal is also a model and singer, featuring on the cover of L’Officiel, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Plastik, and others.

She was also the former face of Chanel in the Middle East. In Paranormal, Jammal plays the role of Scottish scientist Maggie McKillop, a woman who suffers from trauma and old hauntings.

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Razane Jammal Paranormal On Netflix

PARANORMAL is the new Egyptian horror series on Netflix. Fans are curious to know more about British-Lebanese actress Razane Jammal who plays Maggie. Paranormal could be on the cards for Netflix and the series is the first Egyptian original series to air. Paranormal season two is looking like a possibility after the supernatural series made its debut on Netflix on November 5.

The series is a first for the streaming platform as it turns to the Middle East for new exciting shows for its 2020/2021 schedule. Express.co.uk has everything you need to know about a potential season two, including the release date, cast and more. News of Paranormal first came to light in the summer of 2020 and the series is based on the books by Egyptian writer Ahmed Khaled Tawfik.

The story follows a cynical doctor Refaat Ismail (played by Ahmed Amin) who becomes the go-to man for all things out of the ordinary. His understanding of the world throws into question when he starts experiencing paranormal activity.

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Paranormal Season 2 On Netflix

Netflix has been keen to feature more Arab content so there is every hope this series will be renewed for a second season. Sadly as the first season has only just aired, it is too early to say whether a second instalment will be given the green light, as the decision will be based on viewing figures.

However fans have already predicted it will be one of the hits of 2020 on the streaming platform. If fans are lucky enough to get season two of Paranormal, they will most likely have to wait until 2022 for new episodes. With the coronavirus pandemic bringing production to a halt for many series, there is no knowing when the creators will be able to start filming for season two.

Netflix will also take some time to decide whether a second season is worth the investment, as the streaming platform analyses viewership figures at the end of each quarter.


If you have not watched this on Netflix yet. I will highly recommend you to watch. Fans have already compared the series to the popular The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix, so if it’s as successful as the anthology series, there is definitely hope for a second season. Egyptian viewers have hailed the story as one of the bestselling in the history of the Middle East, and they are excited for the rest of the world to get insight.

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