TikTok Dark Mode On Android — All You Need To Know

Every social media user is obsessed with using the in-app black mode while TikTok users are still searching for TikTok Dark Mode On Android. If you are among those TikTok users, then you are on the most relevant spot. Keep reading and get to know how dark mode can be accessed on the android devices.

With increased screen time people in today’s world are facing several issues related to their eyes and sleep patterns. There is no doubt that blue light emitting from the screens negatively influence your eyes.

Recent developments in science have also revealed that reducing exposure to blue light can improve sleep patterns while greater exposure to this light can impose serious threats to retina. To overcome this issue most of the applications have come up with the in-app dark mode while many other applications are still working on it.

Today’s article is especially dedicated to the TikTok users who are looking to know about the TikTok Dark Mode. Here is all you need to know!

How To Get Dark Mode On TikTok Android 2021

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As of today, TikTok has not released the in-app dark mode for the Android devices. But unlike android devices, TikTok has added the dark mode feature for iPhone and iPad devices. In last month there was some news that some of the beta testers have got the dark mode on their android devices. The authenticity of this news is not known so far because majority of the TikTok users haven’t received any update yet.

Though, there aren’t any traces of black mode for android users but the recently released dark mode supports the latest version of iOS. We can just hope that, soon the feature will be available for android as well.

How To Put TikTok On Dark Mode

Here is how to get the dark mode on an Iphone,

To get the black mode on your Iphone, you have to enable the in-app switch to turn dark mode option. Following are the steps that will help you to access the feature. Before going to detail you should first ensure that you have an updated iOS version, i.e. version 13. And also check if you have the latest version of TikTok installed on your device.

Firstly, you have to open your updated app. Then, head towards the tab that reads “Me” on the top right corner of your screen. Tap on it and then you will witness three horizontal dots appearing in front of you.

Now, you will go to the “Content and Activity section” and then tap on the dark mode. At this point you will receive two options to select from, Light or Dark mode. Once you tap on the dark mode, the whole interface will switch to dark mode.

How To Put Dark Mode On TikTok

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Iphone users can also get the dark mode by using the system setting for black mode. To get the option, open the settings on your phone, then go to the Display & Brightness option. Here you will witness two options, Light and Dark options. Select the dark option and you will your phone’s appearance will change to dark mode.

Android users can use the built-in blue light filter to minimize the effect of blue light emitting from their screen until TikTok rolls the Dark Mode feature for them. It is expected that, the users will soon have this update on their Android devices.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the TikTok Dark Mode On Android. Hopefully this article helped you learn how to get the dark mode on Iphone. We just hope that TikTok will also enable the android users to safely enjoy the content without worrying about eye strains.

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