Unfriend All Friends On Facebook — The Easiest Hack

Tired of your friend list and now your want to Unfriend All Friends On Facebook? Want to see some new faces on your account? Do you find it hectic to remove hundreds of friends one by one? If yes, then we are here with solution to all your problems. Stick with the post and get to know how you can Unfriend All Friends On Facebook at once.

Being one of oldest social media applications, Facebook is the biggest social media network with approximately 2.8 billion monthly active users. It was launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, along with his fellow roommates and students at Harvard College. In 2012 Facebook became first social media application to surpass one billion users.

If you are a pioneer of Facebook then you might have an extended social network. With time, it becomes difficult to handle such large social circle so people usually delete their accounts to begin with a smaller one again. To save you from deleting your golden profile, we will help you out to remove all your friends at once with a single click. Keep reading and get rid of unwanted friends!

How To Unfriend All Friends On Facebook

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Managing thousands of friends on Facebook becomes hectic at times. And among a long friend list you cannot identify your real friends and spies. So, it’s better to have a small Facebook circle so that you will stay out of all fuss. But it is also difficult to unfriend people one by one because it might be time taking if you are surrounded by a larger friends circle.

Though Facebook doesn’t support the feature of deleting all your friends at once, but we do have a solution. Before getting into the detail, I would like you to know that this hack may not work on your Andriod and Iphone devices. To get rid of your friend list at once, you will have to have a Google chrome browser installed on a Desktop Pc or a Laptop.

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How To Unfriend All Friends On Facebook Using Android Phone

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To delete all your friends, firstly open a laptop or Desktop Pc with Google chrome browser installed on it. If it isn’t installed yet then simply search for browser and get it installed on your device.

Once you are done with the installation, sign in to your Gmail id and head towards the chrome web store. Following this, search for “All Friends Remover for Facebook” then simply click on add to chrome option to install this chrome extension.

The remove/unfriend all friends on Facebook is a chrome extension with a minimal size of 200kb. Once you have installed this extension, log into your Facebook account. After logging into your Facebook account, click on the newly installed extension. You will now witness a tab saying “Open friend list”, click on it and you will get to see your friends list on a mobile mode version.

The All Friends Remover for Facebook” works by running scripts to automatically remove all friends on a single tap. Now tap on the button saying “Unfriend all” and you will get rid of all your friends without even wasting your quality time.

Once you tap on the Unfriend all option, a warning will come up on your screen saying, “Be careful, are you sure you want to delete all friends?” you just have to tap on the option “Yes, delete all” and here you go! Now you have removed all your unwanted friends from Facebook. You can build with your account form the very beginning but this time more carefully!

Final Thoughts

The All Friends Remover for Facebook is the simplest and easiest tool to remove all your friends from Facebook. Hope the information provided in this article will help you to get rid of your lengthy friend list.

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