Wear It Big Challenge TikTok — The Viral Trend On TikTok

With new challenges getting viral on the video-sharing app, it is now time for the “Wear It Big Challenge” to go viral on TikTok. If you haven’t participated in the trend yet, here is what you are missing so far.

As we are getting nearer to the Halloween season, TikTok users are coming up with weird challenges. Considering the nature of some recent viral challenges, it seems like users are preparing for the spooky season. From the dodgy milk crate challenge to the awful beaning challenge and magnet ball challenge, we have witnessed several unpleasant trends on TikTok.

But as September is about to pass, we have finally got rid of all the terrible challenges and some new fun-filled challenges are making their place on the foryou page. The Wear It Big challenge has now become the dearest challenge of all TikTok users. Here is everything you must know about this viral challenge.

What Is The Wear It Big Challenge On TikTok

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The new Wear It Big Challenge is more of a feminine challenge that involves the TikTok girl gang showing their curves out of a big t-shirt. After turning the heads of TikTok male users, the Wear It Big Challenge has become a big hit.

To hop into this trendy challenge, all you will require is a big t-shirt. Dig in your wardrobe and pull the biggest t-shirt you have. Make sure that the t-shirt isn’t see-through and it completely hides all your curves. Because right in the next moment, you have to pull the t-shirt really tight in order to show your curves.

To make the Wear It Big Challenge a complete success you also have to add the signature soundtrack in the background. Also, make sure to pull your t-shirt tight at the appropriate time.

The challenge has however existed on TikTok for so long but it has become viral just recently.  As of now, the popular hashtag #wearitbig has amassed over 220 million views. The Wear It Big Challenge is likely to become the most popular trend of this month.

How To Do The Wear It Big Challenge On TikTok

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To complete the challenge, you will require having a big t-shirt and a background track, Everyday by Vokker & DARROW. Once you have laid your hands over these two essentials, start recording the video.

In the initial part of the video, you will be covered with the t-shirt and your curves must not be visible. As the lyrics say “wear it big”, pull your t-shirt and make your audience stare at your catchy curves.

The soundtrack used for this popular song says big” over and over again before saying “wear it big”, hence the challenge has got its name.

Although the challenge has become notable popularity among TikTok’s girl army, some of the male users are considering it to be a useless challenge. Some users have shown their displeasure towards the trend saying there is no point behind showing curves. Several users have slammed the challenge for sexualizing and objectifying women on social media

However, the female users seem obsessed with the challenge. Some female users have argued that the challenge is a new way to express female empowerment. It further encourages women to feel confident about showing off their feminine curves.

Whether the challenge is being slammed or favored, it has become notable famous on the video-sharing app. Thousands of video creators have already participated in the trend.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the popular Wear It Big Challenge from TikTok. What is your outlook on this viral trend? let us know in the below comment box.

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