What Does Chair Emoji Mean On TikTok — Explored

TikTok users are spamming the comments section with a chair emoji but what does it actually mean? Here we have explained the meaning of this weird chair emoji trend. Stay Tuned.

Social media users are baffled after seeing hundreds of chair emojis in their comment section. Some users even seem irritated as the chair emoji game is getting stronger with each passing day. What is more irritating is, the users are unaware of the story behind this “Chair Emoji” and are taking it to several social media platforms to ask what does this weird TikTok trend actually means.

The chair emoji trend has now reached Reddit also as a Reddit user posted, “What is the deal with people spamming chair emojis under TikTok videos?” He further added, “I’ve already seen it on a bunch of videos, and no one explains why. It’s just … there? I really want to know why they’re doing it, and whose idea it was to spam chair emojis in the comments on TikTok.”

After reaching all other social media platforms, the chair emoji trend has got traction but very few users are aware of its meaning.

Chair Emoji Meaning

Image Of Chair Emoji Meaning

Although we aren’t able to explore the true meaning behind the chair emoji, rumors say that TikTok users are using this emoji to show laughter. The chair emoji trend got traction after a British YouTuber star KSI initiated it.

People on TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, and other social platforms are desperately snooping across the internet to find the meaning behind Chair Emoji. One Twitter user wrote on Twitter, “People keep posting the chair emoji on my TikTok, and I’m having an old man moment,” “What does this mean?”, he added.

Others, however, think that the Chair Emoji means “Laughter”. A Twitter user wrote, “I just saw someone use a chair as a laughing emoji”. “I am done with this generation”, added another.

Another user who was unaware of the meaning of Chair Emoji, wrote, “WHY ARE PEOPLE USING THE CHAIR EMOJI AS A LAUGHING EMOJI?”

Why Are People Spamming Videos With Chair Emoji?

Image Of Why Are People Spamming Videos With Chair Emoji

Although the majority of social media users are considering the meaning of “Chair Emoji” as an expression of laughter, one Reddit user claimed that the chair emoji has an NSFW meaning.

In reply to a query on Reddit, one user exclaimed that the chair emoji might have a sexual connotation. He wrote, “People are using the chair emoji to say they want the [original poster] to sit on their face. It’s being used the same way they’d use, [for] example, the scissor emoji for scissoring or the eggplant for a d–k. There’s been a broader trend of people discussing face-sitting recently, so this is just the natural progression of that.”

But, the user who raised the query was not satisfied with the explanation. He asked, “Under some vides, it doesn’t fit the context, so is it really that? To this, the commenter replied back saying, “I’ve only ever seen it being used as innuendo”. “So if it doesn’t make sense as innuendo, I’ve got no idea.”

A third Reddit user defines the trend differently, he believes it was an inside joke related to KSI. On the original query, he replied, “All that was said above was wrong”. “It’s actually an inside joke replacing the laughing emoji with a chair emoji”. He also claimed that the Chair Emoji has something to do with KSI.

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Last Words

Although there are different opinions about the meaning of the chair emoji, the exact meaning is yet to be explored. We will update the information once the meaning is explored, so, don’t forget to pay us a visit.

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