Drake Geiger Passed Away — Twitterers Paying Tribute

The young football player Drake Geiger has passed in a tragic accident and fans are left heartbroken. The users on various social media platforms are paying tribute to this young star.

The sudden demise of 16-year-old footballer Drake Geiger has left Netizens in awe. The news was confirmed by his father while giving an interview to a local media group. The young footballer was reported to be collapsed 10 minutes into the training session on Tuesday (August 10). He breathed his last when he stopped for a drink after finishing his drill.

This awful news has left many internet users in shock. Thousands of users are paying tribute to this young football star. Here is more about Drake Geiger and his sudden demise, stay connected!

Who Was Drake Geiger

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Drake Geiger was a young football player who passed away in a tragic accident on the 10th of August. He was a 16-year-old student and player at Nebraska Omaha South High School. As stated by his father, Drake was quite excited to play football after missing a season. “He didn’t care if he was playing or on the sidelines. He just wanted to be a part of the team and be around all the guys,” his father told a local media group.

His father further exclaimed that Drake missed his practice on Monday as his doctor forgot to sign his physical forms. On Tuesday he was having his first practice session when he suddenly collapsed during a drink break. Drake’s father further said that his young son was all set to get his driving license on Wednesday, but he took his last breath a day earlier.

After the shocking news was reported, hundreds of users took it to Twitter and the news spread like a wildfire. Here is how Twitter users reported the news, “16-Year-Old Nebraska High School Football player Drake Geiger collapsed and died during practice”.

Another user reported, “Drake Geiger 16-year-old Junior Offensive and Defensive tackle for Nebraska Omaha South High School Football player Dies after he became ill just 10 minutes into the first practice of the season, it was 122 degrees that day.”

How Did Drake Geiger Die

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The medical team who examined the case has reported that Drake died of heatstroke. While Drake was practicing along with his fellow players, they took a drink break, all of sudden Drake collapsed onto the ground.

Drake’s father received a phone call from Drake’s coach around 4:20 pm saying Drake has collapsed and he was taken to UNMC.

According to various reports, Drake’s internal body temperature was around 122 degrees. While talking about Drake’s cause of death, his father stated: “After about 30-45 minutes the doctor came in and said that his body was so overheated and his organs were working extra hard, and he was very, very sick. They told me it wasn’t a good situation”.

The young football player used to live with his father, four sisters, and grandparents. Drake’s family has started a GoFundme campaign for his funeral.

Twitter users have started paying tribute to Drake.  One user wrote, “Rest In peace DrakeGeiger, our thoughts and condolences go out to his family and friends.” “Our members’ thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Drake Geiger and the Omaha South students, staff, and coaches during this tragic loss”, added another.

Another user wrote, “Please stay safe when being outside, sending all the love I can to the family and friends of Drake”.

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Last Words

Drake Geiger has Passed Away leaving his family in grief. You can help the family by making donations on the GoFundme campaign that is set for Drake’s funeral.

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