Krispy Kreme Tiktok Made @jackpaul_jones Legendary

Krispy kreme glazed donuts Tiktok

Social media platforms have a splendid power of making someone viral, or in other words a star. This happened in the case of Krispy Kreme TikTok. A Krispy Kreme employee who went viral on TikTok very recently. Basically, he posted a video attempting to glaze a ring doughnut over and over again. He got immensely positive results.


Jack Paul Jones aka @jackpaul_jones (on Tiktok), on the 14th of August, was having a jaded day at work. He came up with an incredible idea of glazing a Krispy Kreme ring doughnut 25 times; making a white ball that somewhat resembled a doughnut.

Thus, he made a history by filming and uploaded the video, which has gained 4.6 million views and 860,000 likes, to TikTok!

Krispy Kreme glazed 25 times

 @jackpaul_jones video went viral on Tiktok. He uniquely experimented glazing of a white doughnut over and over again over the glazing counter to observe what happens.

Then, he proceeds to send the doughnut through the glazing machine 25 times. Every time, the icing on the Krispy Kreme ring doughnut gets thicker and thicker. The experiment turned the doughnut into a thick ball of icing that even a bag couldn’t carry its weight. Therefore, Jones had to put it in a box.

The video was filmed with a piece of light music in the background and with subtitles narrating the whole story. The gist of the subtitles is that during a trite day at work Jones thought of trying something new. He actually wanted to see how many times he could glaze a doughnut.

Their shift manager was rather dubious over the idea but somehow got convinced. The end product by glazing the doughnut over 25 times was a thick heavy white doughnut.

Taste Test

Mr. Jones did not stop there. Rather, he made another video by filming himself and few others while tasting the doughnut. While cutting the doughnut, he admits that the layers were not as exciting as he hoped but the thick layer of white icing was still a “terrifying masterpiece nonetheless”.

Four people participated in the taste test by trying the creation, all three including Jones opined it wasn’t good. The fourth person Carson shockingly ate the rest of it.

Krispy Kreme reacted to @jackpaul_jones Tiktok videos

It is a usual practice of top and famous brands that they avoid involving their names in any controversy. This was bound to happen in case of @jackpaul_jones Tiktok. @jackpaul_jones revealed in a very recent video that Krispy Kreme are aware of viral videos and weren’t very happy.

In the video which came just one day ago, says: “Think you can hurt my feelings? Corporate Krispy Kreme filed a cease and desist against me because 2 news outlets wrote an article on my TikTok.” The caption of the reads, “Haven’t been fired yet though”. Thus, this shows that he is even expecting worst results than this.

A document which halts someone from doing an alleged illegal activity is known as a cease and desist letter. This hint towards the intentions of Krispy Kreme, who are conceivably in favor of the video being taken down.

The reaction can be very overwhelming for the million followers of Jack. Though, the videos created by him do not use the name of Krispy Kreme in any way. Moreover, the videos did not involve anything illegal. Simply, the Krispy Kreme has overreacted to this situation.

The fame of the overnight celebrity can be judged from the fact that a page called ‘Celebpie’ has posted his detail profile on their site with ten facts about him.’

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