Pyrocynical Grooming — The Famous YouTuber Hits Back

Have you heard a lot about the story Pyrocynical Grooming lately on social media? Do you want to know the back story of this allegation? Well, we are here with all the available information related to this controversy. Keep reading and get to know all facts related to the Pyrocynical Grooming controversy.

Pyrocynical is a famous YouTuber with more than 4 million followers. Based in Uk, he is famous for his commentary videos. He started his YouTube journey in 2014 and currently he is 23 year old. Pyrocynical works with commentary creators including Dolan Dark, WillNE, and ImAllexx.

This year on 29th October, the YouTube star is accused by a twitter user, (Ivory Rasmus) for grooming a 15-year-old fan. The user has included the following allegations in the Twitter thread “Pyrocynical groomed me and I have screenshots to prove it. I’ve been sitting thinking about this shit non-stop, being angry, confused, and sad that I’ve had to accept this since I was 15, but I never said anything cause I felt powerless.”

The user further claimed that Pyro used to send explicit content and asked to compile it all. In the allegation user said that they did whatever the YouTuber asked them to do because they felt happy to talk to him. The user has also shared some screen shots to prove the allegation.

What Happened To Pyrocynical

Image Of What Happened To Pyrocynical.

The news of Pyrocynical Grooming allegation spread as fire on the social media and Pyro responded using the following words,

As some of you may have seen, it has been claimed — back in 2016. When I was 19 years old — that I ‘groomed’ an individual who was 15 years old at the time. I want to set the record straight with you all and share the truth. This accusation is 100% false and incredibly irresponsible.

“I am not denying that in the past, I took part in conversations with others that many of you will understandably consider to be weird and distasteful (probably an understatement). It was careless of me not to consider who was behind the role-play / art sharing, and I take full accountability.”

Pyro defended himself saying that the conversation was consensual and he was not aware about the age of accuser. He further added that the accuser never disclosed their age during any of their conversations.

Pyrocynical Controversy

Image Of Pyrocynical Groominfg Controversy

As Pyro reacted to the allegations, the accuser again came to defend their stance. They replied using the following words,

This situation is a perfect representation of why victims don’t come out about their experiences,” and that, “people telling me I was egging it on when the entire point is that no matter how I was responding [Pyrocynical] was talking to a child.”

As the controversy has caught fire, Pyro has started losing his subscribers on his YouTube channel. The screenshots that accuser has shared on Internet contain graphic images and content which they claimed were with Pyrocynical (although Pyrocynical appears as a “Deleted User” in the screenshots shared on Internet).

Till now Pyro has said that the allegations are false and 100 percent irresponsible. Pyro’s fans are not ready to accept the allegations instead they have started harassing the accuser. This whole scenario explains why the victims prefer to stay silent instead of raising voice for the justice.

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Final Words

This was all about the hot Pyrocynical Grooming controversy. Hope this article has given you ample information to get the backstory of the controversy. You can contact us using the below comment box if you still have any query related to this unending controversy between the YouTube star and the accuser.

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