Comstrilly Reviews — An Unbiased Review [Aug 2021]

It is important for the shoppers to read customer reviews before shopping from any online site, this is what exactly Comstrilly customers are doing. The potential Comstrilly customers are looking for the legitimacy of this site, considering these concerns of customers we have come up with this unbiased review. Stay tuned and get enlightened with all details related to this viral web store.

With more businesses joining online platforms recently, it has become quite difficult for buyers to differentiate between legitimate and fake websites. However, the well-informed people know the importance of prior research and avoid shopping from fake websites, while there also are people who get trapped by these fraudsters really quickly.

Considering the risks attached to today’s e-commerce platforms, it is essential to do prior research. Here on this platform, we try our best to showcase the true picture of viral web-based businesses. Following our tradition, we are again live with another review that will inform you about the legitimacy of the website Comstrilly.

What Is Comstrilly?

Image Of What Is Comstrilly is an online web platform that claims to deliver chic fashion apparel. The items that you may find on the site include dresses, tops, Kaftan, Abaya, Jumpsuits, Bottoms, shoes, and many other accessories.

The website further claims that they are on a mission of redefining trends by bringing exceptional quality goods for their customers. The target customers of are young ladies and women. It also claims to address the needs of every aspiring fashionista. also reveals that they are known for providing the latest products with unmatchable customer service.

After witnessing the vast variety of chic apparel, internet users are getting attracted to and the site has become popular worldwide. However, the majority of people are reluctant to shop as the website seems suspicious. Let’s find out whether it is a legit site or not.

Is Comstrilly A Legit Site?

Image Of Is Comstrilly A Legit Site

To check the legitimacy of this site, we have checked the Comstrilly Customer Reviews and some other aspects that include,

  • Domain Age
  • Contact Details
  • Trust Score
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social Media Presence
  • Website Content

Let’s discuss each of these aspects in detail.

1. Domain Age

It is essential to know whether the website is a newbie or an experienced one because the newbies are quite risky to rely on. However, the domain age of this website is 10 months. It means that the website has just joined the online market so for now, it would be a risky deal.

2. Contact Details

Although the website provides an email address and owner details, they haven’t provided any contact number. This again makes the websites a risky one.

3. Trust Score

The website has also received a very low trust score. It has just amassed 1% on the trust score index so it is a highly risky site.

Is Comstrilly A Scam?

4. Customer Reviews

Though we weren’t able to witness any reviews on the website, we have luckily found some on their Facebook page. Based on the customer reviews this website has got 1 star out of five. Some buyers have also mentioned that the site is a complete fraud and shouldn’t be trusted. Many others have claimed that they haven’t received their order at all while others complain of having received low-quality items.

5. Social Media Presence

Although the social media icons are present on the website, the links are broken. Upon clicking on the icons, you won’t be taken to their social media page. However, they do have their social media accounts on both Facebook and Instagram.

6. Website Content

The website content also seems to be plagiarized and we were also able to find some plagiarized images on the site.

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Final Verdict

Considering all the available information, and customer reviews we have come to the conclusion that Comstrilly isn’t a legitimate website. So, you must not rely on it. Stay safe!

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