Corn Syrup Trend TikTok — The Viral Summer Recipe

TikTok food trends have never failed to surprise us, this time TikTok users are obsessed with the new Corn Syrup Trend. It is a refreshing summer snack that users are occupied by. Let’s discover what the viral Corn Syrup TikTok Trend is all about.

TikTok is full of delicious food trends and challenges. Some challenges are quite weird to follow while many others are highly impressive. The majority of food trends depend on the prevailing weather patterns and this is the time to have a soul-refreshing experience with the viral Corn Syrup Trend. This chewy ice-lolly has broken all the previous records made by TikTok recipes.

This freezing ice-lolly has evolved from an unheard recipe. Instead of using honey, TikTok users are now using corn syrup instead. But why corn syrup? Let’s discover together.

What Is The Corn Syrup Trend On TikTok

Image Of What Is The Corn Syrup Trend On TikTok

TikTok’s latest food trend has evolved from freezing corn syrup. This viral trend is all about making a sweet and refreshing summer snack using ingredients that you might haven’t used before.

To get this snack ready, you will need to have glucose syrup also known as corn syrup. It is made from the starch of corn and is used in foods to soften texture, add volume, prevent crystallization of sugar and enhance flavor.

The new viral Corn Syrup Trend resembles TikTok’s viral frozen honey trend. The Corn Syrup involves freezing the glucose syrup while the latter involves putting honey into a plastic bottle and freezing it.

The reason people are using Corn Syrup instead of honey is, corn syrup is a lot more popular than frozen honey, and that’s because of its lack of color and flavor. Honey has a different flavor and has a color also, so it becomes difficult to mix anything with it.

However, corn syrup is clear and has very little flavor hence you can add as many colorings and flavors as you can. For example, people are adding different food colors to make their frozen corn syrup look pink, purple, or green.

You can also add different food flavors to make your snack taste like different foods. The users are experimenting with different food flavors to make the snack of their own choice. Some users have added different flavors of fruits to make the syrup taste like watermelon or strawberry.

How To Do The Corn Syrup Trend TikTok

Image Of How To Do The Corn Syrup Trend TikTok

To do the viral Corn Syrup Trend all you need to do is, take some corn syrup and freeze it. You can add as many flavors and colors as you want. This will make your snack look amazing and taste outclass.

Users on TikTok and especially children are enjoying this amazing summer snack. This popular snack resembles the frozen honey recipe from TikTok, here you use corn syrup instead of honey to experience different flavors and tastes.

As this refreshing recipe is going viral on the video-sharing app, users are reporting that it might not be good for your health. Health experts have also warned the users saying both frozen honey and frozen corn syrup aren’t great for your health.

Both of these popular snacks are rich in sugar, meaning they are high in calories and aren’t very good for your oral health. So, if you are using this recipe at home, make sure to consume a little amount of it else you will face some serious health problems. Also, excessive use of frozen items is not health-friendly.

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Last Words

This was all about the viral and refreshing Corn Syrup Trend on TikTok. Hopefully, the information provided here will help you make this refreshing snack.

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