Crate Challenge TikToker Shot Dead: Unfortunate Incident

While attempting the recent viral TikTok Crate Challenge a TikToker is reportedly shot dead by an unidentified person. The died TikToker is being identified as 19-year-old Paris King.

A bizarre TikTok challenge was reported by users recently. This challenge, known on TikTok as Crate Challenge, asks the users to climb a staircase build-up of crates. Being an extremely dangerous challenge, it faced a backlash from multiple users. Many users have also faced injuries while attempting this dodgy trend.

However, this challenge has proved to be the most unfortunate challenge for a group of TikTokers who have just encountered a horrible incident. While the group of TikTokers was busy shooting the video, a speedy car opened fire on them leaving one TikToker dead. Here is more about the incident.

Drive-By Shooting Occurs On A Group Attempting Crate Challenge

Image Of Drive-By Shooting Occurs On A Group Attempting Crate Challenge

The dodgy Crate Challenge from TikTok has been reported to be one of the misfortunate challenges of TikTok. This misfortunate challenge has taken away the life of a TikTok. Although, the TikTok users haven’t died of the injuries faced during the challenge but after a Drive-By Shooting Occurs on them.

The incident became viral after a Twitter video went viral that showcases the moment when people were shot at drive-by shooting in Shreveport, Louisiana. According to the viral video, a group of TikTokers was filming the viral Crate Challenge when a speedy car approached and opened fire on them.

Before the gunshots are heard, one person was climbing the carte ladder while the rest were cheering him up. As soon as they heard the gunshots, the whole group dispersed. The person filming the video can be heard saying, “get my gun, get my gun” whilst running to take a cover behind a car.

As reported by KSLA News, the incident took place on Sunday, August 22nd on West 70th Street.

TikToker Shot Dead While Attempting Crate Challenge

According to the initial reports discussed by Police, one man died on the spot, another one was wounded. A woman was also found dead in a backseat of a car hours later. All three are said to be the victims of the drive-by shooting outside Linwood Public Charter School.

According to the spokesperson of police, the driver of the vehicle where the woman was found dead said, he rushed as his vehicle was fired at but stopped immediately as he found Paris had died in the back seat.

Currently, it isn’t clear that the shot man was the one walking on the crates or not. After the news of TikToker shot dead whilst attempting the crate challenge, users have criticized the trend and have taken it to other social media platforms.

Right after the incident, a user Tweeted, “THIS JUST IN, A shocking Milk Crate Challenge ended in a shootout! It is not yet clear if anyone was shot or why they were shooting.”

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Watch Drive-By Shooting Video

Although the milk crate challenge isn’t directly associated with the TikToker’s death, people have criticized the challenge for being a dodgy one.

After handling certain injury cases the Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Shawn Anthony told The Today Show, “the Milk Crate Challenge is very dangerous. And we are seeing many orthopedic injuries as a result of the falls.”

“Injuries can include broken wrists, shoulder dislocations, ACL, and meniscus tears. Also life-threatening conditions like spinal cord injuries,” he further added.

Concluding Remarks

This was all about how the TikToker was Shot Dead while attempting to complete the challenge. You may follow us for more details.

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