What is ‘Cute Baby Face Filter’? Why Social Media Users Criticizing it?

The use of filters has become a fashion for social media users in this era. And keeping the need of their users, social media applications come up with new filters from time to time. In this article, we will discuss the Cute Baby Face Filter on Instagram, which has become a source of debate for many social media users.

Currently, Instagram is one of the best social media applications. It has more than 854 million active users all over the world. And it is expected that their number of users will reach almost 1 billion in the year 2023.

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People, who are in confusion regarding what is baby face filter and how to get this new filter? After reading this post, your confusion will be cleared.

What is Baby Face Filter on Instagram?

Well, people apply filters on their pictures before posting them on different social media platforms. Because some filters enhance the beauty when applied to the photos and that gives confidence to the people to post the pictures. Of course, everyone wants to look attractive and not show the flaws they have on their face.

These days on Instagram there is a new cute baby face filter, which has got popularity. This filter changes the way someone looks by removing imperfections from the face. However, many social media users have criticized it. According to them, the filter distorts faces too much.

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This filter is one of Instagram’s beauty filters when you apply this to your photos, it smooths your skin, enhances your eyes, and add small sparkles to hide the imperfections on your face.

Now, the question here is, how to get this Instagram cute baby face filter? Well, we will discuss this in detail.

How to Get Cute Baby Face Filter on Instagram?

Instagram users who want to use this filter, here is the step by step procedure to get it.

First of all, open Instagram and tap on ‘Your Story’ to add to your Instagram story.

Then, slide through all the filters at the bottom to the last one, a magnifying glass icon.

Click on this and press the magnifying glass in the right-hand top corner to bring up the search bar.

Search the username “Sasha_soul_art”. It is a private account so you have to follow first to see the content.

Find the filter ‘Pure Baby Face’. Before this was called ‘Cute Baby Face’, but now the name changed.

In the end, press ‘try it’.

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If you are an Instagram user then what are you waiting for, follow the above-given procedure and apply this new filter on your photo to post a new story. See, what your loved ones have to say about your new story with this filter.

The reaction of Twitter Users on this New Filter

Many Twitter users had backlashed this new Instagram filter. According to social media users, it distorts your face too much, which gives a false impression to the users.

One of the users twitted, “The Insta filter named ‘Cute Baby Face Filter’ just doesn’t sit right with me.

Another one twitted, “Cute Baby Face Filter: not an accurate representation of anyone.”

But many users twitted in favor of this new filter.

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The use of social media applications has become a part of our usual life. People tend to post their pictures in which they look beautiful. Considering this part, social media applications had introduced many beauty filters. So, people before posting pictures, apply different filters on their pictures. Filters play a vital role to make possible live in the fancy world.

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