Is Libby Mae TikTok Fine? TikToker Is Currently In Hospital

Fans of TikTok star Libby Mae are concerned and are wondering to know if she is fine now. Earlier, she shared a worrying update in the hospital wearing a neck brace. If you are among these TikTok fans of Libby Mae who are looking to know whether she is fine or not, we have got you covered. Here is an update on Libby Mae’s health.

Fans of Libby Mae are concerned after they have come across a video where the content creator is seen laying on a hospital bed wearing a neck brace and head support.

After coming across this worrisome video from Libby Mae, fans have opinionated that she is not having a good start to the New Year. On 13th January 2023, the TikTok star shared a video from her TikTok handle that left thousands of her fans concerned. In the video, the 20-year-old influencer can be seen in the hospital carrying a neck brace.

However, many of her followers took a breath of relief when they witnessed her best friend Courtney Louise by her side.

Apart from this video, fans have not got any update from the TikTok star, thus they are concerned about her health. Many of her followers have poured her videos with inquiries asking if Libby Mae is doing well now.

What Has Happened To TikTok Star Libby Mae?

Image Of What Has Happened To TikTok Star Libby Mae

Libby Mae has posted a couple of videos recently and she doesn’t seem well at all. She was not looking like her usual self and was looking concerned. In both of the videos that she posted recently, she was wearing a neck brace while giving support to her head with the help of a roll of the blanket. Libby seemed motionless and her body was visibly restrained.

Her friend was by her side in both of the videos and as Libby was recording TikToks, it means she is recovering quickly. With gratitude, she wrote a heartfelt note for her friend saying, “Real best friends don’t leave your side”.

In the second snippet, Libby seemed disappointed at her situation. Though the TikTok star has not addressed the reason behind her death, rumors reveal that she was involved in a car accident. Neither the star nor her mum Lynsey Marsden has talked about the reason behind her injury.

Many of her fans have extended well wishes for speedy recovery under her recent viral videos.

Is Libby Mae Doing Well Now?

While the majority of her fans are concerned about her health, many others are joking about her signature hair bun.

One of her followers wrote, “Girlll what hair spray do you use?”

Another user added, “Bun on fleek still”.

“Really hope u have a speedy recovery xx,” wrote one concerned user.

Libby Mae has kept her fans aware of all her personal matters over time. Fans were also aware of Libby’s love life and her latest public relationship with Olivia “Liv” Mitchell which ended last year. The exact date of their breakup is not known, however, it has been more than a month since the pair has not appeared on screen together.

The pair started dating in April 2022 and the couple revealed that Liv “eats Libby’s bogies”. However, at the end of the previous year, Libby confirmed their relationship status by captioning one of the videos saying, “Dance if you and your bestie are going into 2023 both single”.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about whether or not Libby Mae is doing fine or not. As per the available details, we have come to know that Libby Mae is now doing well. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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