Why TikTok Celebrity Look Alike Filter is Viral? How to Get the Filter? Explained

On TikTok, there is always something new on trending daily. TikTok has more than 800 million users around the world. There are different types of filters that are used on social media applications. Filters make you look different from what you are original. So thousands of filters are being used on social media. These days on the TikTok celebrity look-alike filter is very famous.

On social media use of filters is common. Not a long back, there was a filter that got famous named face swap filter, in which people’s faces were switched.

After some time there was another filter viral, which was transforming gender, with that filter men pictures were transformed into women and women’s pictures into men. There are a lot of other Filters. Now we will look into this new filter which is viral.

What is Celebrity Look Alike Filter on TikTok?

For many people out there it is very cool to be look-alike a celebrity. The new filter has made it possible for TikTok users to look alike a celebrity. If you are a TikTok user, yes this is possible that you can also be look alike a celebrity on TikTok. Many people who had used this filter has loved it. Because everyone dreams to have resemblance with any celebrity.

Celebrity look-alike filter is trending on TikTok. If you apply this filter on a video of your, then your face slowly transforms into a celebrity face, which is exciting to see. Such type of filter was already in use on Facebook and Instagram earlier, in which your picture was scanned and turn into a celebrity who has a face like yours.

This filter would not find the celebrity who resembles you, but you have to choose a celebrity who you want to be a look-alike. And that is fun to do for sure. On TikTok, it has already been used in more than One Hundred Forty Thousand videos and it will increase day by day as it is viral. What are you waiting for, get on TikTok and be part of this trend to look a celebrity.

How to Get TikTok Celebrity Look Alike Filter?

Many TikTok users are in a muddle about this filter. But already many TikTok users had used this filter. And the result seems to be funny and the users are loving it. The people who want to know how to get this filter on TikTok. So, for you, the procedure step by step is as under.

First, enter into the TikTok app and go to the search bar.

Search for celebrity look-alike filter, there are thousands of videos from other users who had already used this filter.

Then click on one video, where you will find the name of the filter which is shapelifting.

Add shapelifting to favorites with the help of clicking on it.

Then click on the film button to make a film of yourself also add this filter and choose a picture of a celebrity you have to admire most to be look-alike.

Film yourself for a few seconds and find the result.


I hate myself for this but literally everyday of my life 😂 Best compliment ever though, thank you guys!! ☺️❤️ #fyp #foryou #celebritylookalike

♬ Back Up – DeJ Loaf

In the end, the result can be very hilarious or astonishing for many of the users. Do it now and be part of this famous trend.

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Social media is full of fun for the people who use it, especially TikTok. On TikTok there is always something trending. If you are a TikTok user, you can also become a part of that trend.

Just make a video copying others. A celebrity look-alike filter is something worth to use on TikTok if you want to see your face transformed into a celebrity’s face. The result would be funny or amazing.

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