TikTok Target Challenge: Viral on TikTok in Quarantine for Couples

A new challenge (TikTok Target Challenge) has come into being and gone viral on TikTok. It is pretty funny, engaging, and entertaining in these Quarantine days. People are responding to this wild challenge so interestingly.

After COVID 19 plunged the entire world into despair and darkness. People are locked in their abodes, Markets are closed, bars are closed, the entire world is locked.

But some of the Tiktok users tried their level best to bring people out of their boring lives. The came up with this challenge where people from all over the world are responding and giving it a try.

What Is Target Challenge On Tiktok

Another entertaining challenge showed up on the TikTok of involving a new method of creating a perfect target night date.

People are making videos everywhere, it may b a market or a shop, or a restaurant and so on. They wandering in the aisles of different targeted places and swinging their arms in an up and down motion.

Instantly when someone tells them to stop, they will pick the closest or the nearest item to which they stop. By doing this many times you would have a large collection of food items to take along with your home to complete your date.

So this is how this challenge goes. As, We see on TikTok various viral Challenges such as backward hoodie and fridge challenge, Winding and Grinding TikTok Challenge, face time prank challenge, and so on.

What To Do With The Items We Collected During The Challenge?

So, here is the main part of the challenge. When you done with the challenge you will have a lot of collected items along with you. Take them and go straight to home.

You should have a random collection of food that you will enjoy eating with your partner on the date night. You would laugh out loud when you don’t know what your partner favorite thing is. Literally it is a very engaging and fun-loving date though.

Don’t forget to film the whole challenge for Tiktok so afterward when you get upset someday, you should have a memory at least to make you laugh.

You would get to know your partners choice and he would same as yours. Ain’t it a cutest and unique date idea during this corona virus pandemic?

Do We Really Need A Target A Place?

A lot of people are thinking it the Target Date Night Challenge, because people originally started doing it in the American store Target.

But it’s since moved on to simply be known as the Date Night Challenge, because you can do it in any type of shop you want really! Any kind of market even a restaurant you want. Now you are not bounding of just one place.

Do You Know About Target Date Night Challenge list?

Most of the people should already know about their partners choice that something that must be their favorite one. For instance their favorite snack, favorite food, color ,drink etc. So, basically this is the list one must follow make make their challenge and date better. You can add some m ore items personally by your own taste.

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