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TikTok is the place where you will witness an unending chain of slang and acronyms. Currently, a new term “1437” has made its place on TikTok, but the majority of users are unaware of its meaning. If you are among these users, looking for the meaning of “1437” here is all we have about this term so far.

Along with being the best platform to experience amazing dance trends, songs, recipes and, life hacks, TikTok is also a wonderful tool for staying updated with all the latest slang terms. If you are a regular scroller of this video-sharing app, you might come across plenty of new slang terms every day. Though these slang terms are quite easy to comprehend for old users, new users might not get the real meaning behind them.

Considering these slang terms, it won’t be wrong to say that the users on TikTok have created their own dictionary with some unimaginable slang terms. The recent term to go viral on TikTok is “1437” and users are unable to grasp its meaning.

What Does 1437 Mean On TikTok

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Following the slang terms like ‘simp’ to ‘cheugy’ and ‘FYP’ to ‘heather’, the digit game is getting stronger now. Gone are days of BRB’, ‘FYI’ or ‘LAWL’, brainy heads of TikTok are now adding some digits to the TikTok’s dictionary.

You might have heard the meaning of 143 earlier if you are an avid internet user. The lovebirds usually use the term 143 to express their love for their partner. And the recent term 1437 is quite similar to that of 143. As 143 means “I love you”, 1437 means “I Love You Forever”.

Now, you must be thinking how come “1437” means “I love You Forever”? Well, let’s do the calculations. How many alphabets does the word “I” contains? 1. Next, “Love” contains 4 alphabets, the word “You” contains three alphabets, and finally, the word “Forever” means 7 alphabets. So, 1437 means “I Love You Forever”.

If you see someone saying 1437’ on TikTok, they are telling someone that they will love them forever. It is quite the same as ‘ILY’, but the brainy snippet-sharing users are designing codes to talk in public.

1437 Meaning

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Got the meaning of 1437? I hope so. This term is usually used by TikTok users whilst dating. This isn’t the only slang term users are using to express their love; there also are several other terms on the platform that are designed to express love publicly.

If your parents or relatives are following you on social media platforms and you are afraid to talk to your GF in front of their presence, these code words are the perfect solution for you. Learn these slang terms first, share them with your friends or GF/BF and express your love without letting anyone else know what you are talking about.

You can also design your own version of such terms to talk to your friends publicly. This is the best tactic to talk on social media platforms because your targeted person will be the one getting your stance. The rest of the audience will never know the meaning behind your code words.

Some other slang terms that went viral on TikTok recently are:

Incel — it refers to a member of an online subculture of people who say they are unable to get a romantic or sexual partner.

Roaching — it means sleeping around with lots of people at once.

And the most viral, Simp — which refers to a man who is very attentive and submissive towards their female partner.

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Final Words

This was all about the meaning of 1437 and some other slang terms from TikTok. Hopefully, you have got the information you were searching for. Drop a comment below if you need any further clarification.

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