25th Island Of Greece — Here’s What It Means

A new meme known as 25th Island Of Greece has been making rounds on Twitter lately. Internet users are asking their friends to search 25th Island Of Greece on Google. But what does it actually mean? Let’s discover together.

Memes have become a staple commodity for social media users in today’s world. Every time you will open your social media accounts, you will witness plenty of new memes flaunting on your newsfeed.

Along with spreading giggles across social media, these have also enabled the content creators to grow and reach a massive audience. Though coming up with new content on daily basis isn’t easy for the creators but memes have enabled them to cope with it easily.

Every month meme creators suggest their followers to Google something, and it turns to be an unending chain. The recent “Search on Google meme” to go viral is ‘what dinosaur has 5000 teeth? After this popular meme, internet users are now asking their friends to find out the name of “25th Island Of Greece”. Here is the back story of this meme.

What Is 25th Island Of Greece

Image Of What Is 25th Island Of Greece

25th Island Of Greece is the latest meme to go viral on various social media platforms. It asks the users to find the name of this island from the internet. Greece actually has 6,000 islands, among these only 227 are inhabited. Why are people only talking about the 25th Island among 6000 islands?

Upon searching for the island on internet, a weird name appears on the screen. Plenty of users find it hilarious while many others do not understand the logic behind it.

After being unable to understand the context, social media users have inquired about the meme from their social circle. A Twitter user posted, “Someone told me to look up the 25th island of Greece, why?”

Some social media users are posting the “25th Island Of Greece” as a challenge to their followers while many others are tricking their followers by saying “Don’t search up the 25th island of Greece worst mistake of my life”.

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25th Island Of Greece Meme

Image Of 25th Island Of Greece Meme

After searching for the name of the island, you will find its name. This island is known as Amorgos. If you are an avid player of Among Us, you will get this joke immediately, but if you don’t play the game “Amorgos” might sound just like any other word.

The reason for this meme to go viral is that Among Us players are relating the word “Amorgos” with their favorite game Among Us. This game is quite popular all around the world so the meme has also become massively popular.

Though these two words are not similar, but they sound pretty analogous. So, the name of 25th Island Of Greece has turned out to be a joke for Among Us players. Some Among Us players have taken this joke to a next level by adding some other Among Us features into it. Here’s how a Twitter user has remolded this joke.

“Hi, my name is Amon Gus. I own a pokemon named Amoonguss and I live on the 25th Island of Greece named Amorgus. My family business consists of raising and selling Suses. When I was 13, I received a lego piece #26047 as a birthday gift from my brother named Amon Sus.”

Besides this meme, Among Us players have also come up with various short-hands that have become widely spread in the social media world. Players are relating names and shapes from this popular game with their daily lives.

Concluding words

This was all about “Amorgos” which has become a popular meme after being linked with the popular video game Among Us. You can now explore more about the natural beauty and secluded beaches of “Amorgos” without fear of being roasted by your friends.

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