All Star Tower Defense Roblox Codes – Most Updated List

All Star Tower Defense Roblox Codes has the most updated list of OP codes that can be redeemed against some free gems. The free gems can also be used to unlock some characters for Tower Defense games in Roblox. If you are lucky enough to unlock a rare character then you can easily complete all the levels you play.

Do you have idea that you can redeem certain codes to pass the most complicated game levels? If not, keep scrolling to know how you can just step ahead in the game and make your levels move faster.

The game industry has made available certain codes that are redeemable. You just have to open the settings Tab, open the menu and paste the code in the “enter code” textbook space. Now hit enter and you will receive your reward. The reward can be some gems or other exclusive rewards like the Nimbus Mount.

While entering the code you have to be specific. Sometimes the copy and paste option may not work for that, you have to type the code. You always have to make sure that the entered code is correct else it will not work.

New All Star Tower Defense Codes

Image Of New All Star Tower Defense Codes

By using the new active All Star Tower Defense Codes you can avail some gems. These gems can be used to get some new and rare characters. Here we will provide a list of new codes that are currently working.

Likeandsubscribe : You can redeem this code to get 100 Gems

Newgoal : This code can be redeemed to get 70 Gems

5starluck : This code can give you 70 Gems

Gamerelease : Use this code and you can avail 50 Gems

Superposition100 : Redeem the code and you can avail 100 Gems

Nanoislandbaby : Redeem this code and avail 100 Gems

Sub2terrabl0x : You can get 100 Gems by redeeming this code

Codesuperrawr:  Redeem the code and find 100 Gems

Subtokelvingts: You can redeem this code and get 100 Gems

Note: Some of these codes may work only in Private Server and may be valid for a limited time.

Roblox All Star Tower Defense Wiki

The All Star Tower defense is a simulator game which enables the players to team up and fight against the zombie attacks. By defeating the zombies, players can earn cash that can be used to acquire new towers or to upgrade them.

Players can also team up in the VERSUS mode to Challenge another team. In this mode players can send zombies against the other team. Upon winning players can get coins that can be used to level up or to buy new towers.

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The rules for playing All Star Defense are quite simple. Here’s how you can play the All Star Tower Defense by using the units you have earned.

You have to use the units to defend against the waves of enemies

Each Unit has its own different Abilities

You can further power up your Troops during the battle to unlock new attacks

Summon from the Gate and unlock some New Units which can be used in battle

You can also Team up with your friends to take over the infinity tower

Keep Looking for the new things that appear in the Summon Gate and Emote Shop every hour

You have to collect them all these things.


Playing All Star Tower Defense Roblox is much easier using Codes. These codes can make your character look more attractive and you can stand out from the crowd. But players should also know that the codes case is sensitive as the codes remain updating. Some codes expire with time, in this case players have to look for new codes that are currently working.

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