‘Because Tonight Will Be The Night’ TikTok Song And Trend

The TikTok song ‘Because Tonight Will Be The Night’ has paved the path for a whole new trend and users are drooling over this viral old song. If you are among the TikTok users looking for the details related to this viral song trend, we have rounded up all the information for you here.

TikTok songs and challenges are the backbones of the ByteDance-owned platform. Without the fun trend and catchy background tracks, the website wouldn’t have been among the top entertainment apps and it couldn’t have amassed billions of users.

Having a vast collection of tracks, TikTok is among very few social media platforms that have gathered millions of soundtracks in several languages. Thanks to the video creators, who have helped the app gather songs from all genres.

This time an old song has gone viral on the platform and thousands of users have used this track for their videos. Thus the song has turned into a whole new trend now. Here is more you need to know about this trend.

What Is The TikTok Song ‘Because Tonight Will Be The Night’?

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If you are looking for the original title of the song used for ‘Because Tonight Will Be The Night’ TikTok trend, it is ‘Fall For You’. It is a 2008 track by Secondhand Serenade. This decade-old track was part of Secondhand Serenade’s 2008 album titled, ‘A Twist In My Story.’

As the track has stepped on the video-sharing app, thousands of users have instantly fallen in love with it. The music video of this popular track is also amassing millions of views. The video features a love story and it has taken over the hearts of TikTok users.

The 2008 album ‘A Twist In My Story’ has over 11 tracks. Some of the tracks that became immensely popular include, Fall For You, Stay Close, Don’t Go, Pretend, Goodbye, and Like a Knife.

The band who has introduced us to this amazing track was led by vocalist and guitarist John Vesely. This now-viral album was the third full-length album of John Vesely.

What Is The ‘Because Tonight Will Be The Night’ TikTok Trend?

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Although the original idea behind the ‘Fall For You’ track is of love and pain, TikTok users have presented it as a hilarious trend.

The trend takes its roots back to the day when content creator named ‘heyzmsc’ posted his spoof version of the song last year in March.  The video that amassed millions of views, featured the video creator ‘heyzmsc’, dressed in a punk rock avatar donning a beaded black jacket. His emo-inspired eye makeup and hair lifted his looks to a whole new level.

In the viral video, he was spotted recording himself in the mirror and singing the lines, ‘because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you,” in a high-pitched’ screechy voice.

Following this video, thousands of users have used this audio of heyzmsc and have created their own version of the trend. Many videos that feature this track have featured adorable pets with emo bangs.

TikTok video creators have come up with creative content referencing this trend. Many other users have shared their real-life situations leaving their followers in splits.

The most adorable videos are those of pets that have features cute pets showing off their catchy bangs.

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The Last Words

This was all about the ‘Because Tonight Will Be The Night’ TikTok trend and the origin of this track. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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