Accomplishing the Bitlife Ferris Bueller Challenge

Bitlife — a game based on life simulation where the players are tasked to control different life situations from birth to end. This sounds interesting. So, Bitlife introduces various challenges (worldwide goals that the players have to accomplish). Many of the game players must be curious about Bitlife Ferris Bueller Challenge.

Bitlife Ferris Bueller Challenge

Bitlife Ferris Beuller

This time Bitlife has introduced a new challenge called Ferris Bueller challenge. Many of you must have watched the teen comedy movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off from 1986. The challenge is all about imitating some of the hi-jinks that Ferris Bueller (the lead character) pulled off in the movie.

Unfortunately, all of the tasks of this challenge are hidden but this article is intended to reveal all those and make life simple for you.

Here is a list of the requirements or the tasks to complete the Ferris Bueller Challenge:

  • Be a male born in the United States in Chicago
  • Skip School at least once
  • Insult the Principal and Get Suspended
  • Date a girl from your Class
  • Steal a car

How to accomplish the Bitlife Ferris Bueller Challenge?


Task 1: A male from Chicago in US

This task is quite effortless. You have to start your character as a boy in Chicago. That’s all, but you need to start your life from the beginning. Once done with that, you can continue to do the rest of tasks. You have to complete All of the tasks while being in school age. So, don’t need to be anxious about growing up for a long time.

Task 2: Skipping school

There are two ways to complete this requirement. An easy way is to wait for a classmate to offer for you to skip school with them. The choice should pop up at least once. The other way is to go to the school tab in education and skip school whenever you want to complete it.

Task 3: Insulting the principal and get suspended

Next, you need to insult your principal. Your principal should be in your list of available people to speak with at school, in the education tab.

But a Bitizen has the perk of insulting the principle directly. Non-Bitizen has to find an alternative way for this. As an alternative, you can insult and mess with any of your classmates until one of them snitches on you and sent you to the Principal. Once that happens, you will get the ability to insult them while you are in the Principal’s Office! This will definitely cause your suspension.

Task 4: Date a girl from your class

This seems a difficult task but the best strategy is to try to find a girl in your class who likes your character and ask them on a date. Persuading her for a date may require you to do much more. You can win her over by chatting, complimenting them, hanging out, or giving them a gift. A gift is a brilliant way to accomplish the step fast.

Task 5: Stealing a car

Last but not the least, you need to steal a car. To do this, go to the Activities tab, and choose crime. You want to pick the Grand Theft Auto option to steal a vehicle. There will be a list of available cars for your character to steal, and it shouldn’t matter which one you pick.

Once you complete all of these, the challenge is complete and you’re good to go.

Previously, the Candywriter has also introduced Forest Gump Challenge in Bitlife inspired by the character of Forest played by Tom Hanks. The requirements of the challenge were also related to some of the events in Forest Gump’s life.

I’m sure those of you who have aced the Forest Gump Challenge will also be able to complete the Ferris Beuller’s challenge in no time.

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