Blue Whale Challenge TikTok — Everything You Need To Know

The dangerous challenge Blue Whale has resurfaced on TikTok and several other social media platforms. Concerns among social media users are rising as this distressing trend has started targeting people on TikTok. Here are what precautionary measures you must take to ensure your safety against this disturbing trend.

Every now and then TikTok users encounter numerous worrying trends and challenges. Since its launch, we have witnessed hundreds of dangerous challenges that have troubled the lives of millions. Challenges like the skull breaking challenge, milk crate challenge, magnet balls challenge, and some other challenges that require users to eat cereal while lying down, dropping a coin between their phone charger and the electricity supply board (It creates a huge blast), using glue to appear their upper lip larger and many other harmful challenges have troubled millions on this video-sharing platform.

This time a distressing challenge that appeared on social media in past years has resurfaced and users are worried about their safety. If you haven’t encountered this challenge earlier, here is how Blue Whale Challenge sounds and how it is targeting TikTok users.

What Is The Blue Whale Challenge On TikTok?

Image Of What Is The Blue Whale Challenge On TikTok

The blue whale challenge is an extremely dangerous cyberbullying technique that aims to hurt young social media users. It initially appeared on social media in the year 2019 and it resurfaced in the year 2020. Reports have claimed that this upsetting challenge has emerged again and young users are falling prey to it.

The challenge actually comprises a set of 50 disturbing challenges extended over 50 days. The person, who falls prey to this trend, has to complete all the commands he gets from the unknown game developer. While completing these 50 challenges, several people have lost their lives.

Although the challenge was previously popular on Twitter and Instagram, it is now gaining traction on TikTok.

If you have encountered any challenge with the title, ‘Blue Whale’, you must report it there and then. Also, keep your messages private and do not interact with accounts that lure you to participate in any dangerous challenge. You are also requested to report such challenges as they may have life-threatening consequences.

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The Dangerous Challenge Has Resurfaced On Social Media

Image Of The Dangerous Challenge Has Resurfaced On Social Media

In past, several people participated in this trend out of curiosity and have faced dangerous consequences. Even though most of the people were aware of the consequences, they were lured to be part of it and as a result, they have lost their lives.

Several social media influencers are urging their followers to stay away from such challenges and not to share any information with them.

These challenges are a new way of cyberbullying that mainly targets young internet users. The challenge has its own administrators who are responsible for trapping people. Not necessarily you will receive a message from ‘the blue whale challenge’, you may also be approached by the administrators who are normal TikTok users.

These administrators are sending direct messages to people on TikTok, so it is important for all TikTok users to keep their accounts private. This will help you filter out all the spam and dangerous messages thus keeping you safe from such challenges.

If you have encountered any hashtag that reads, #bluewhalechallenge or any related text, report such content and users. Do not take part in any such challenge as they may have dangerous consequences.

Also, if you have fallen victim to any such challenge, ask for help, talk about it. You can contact the following resources for mental health support:

Anxiety UK

Call: 03444 775 774



Call: 0300 123 3393



Call: 116 123


Final Words

TikTok users especially are vulnerable to this new wave of Blue Whale Challenge. So, if you are a TikTok user, do not interact with any such challenge, be vigilant and take care of your loved ones. Stay Safe!

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