Boom Boom Challenge TikTok — Another Viral Trend

Following the most popular silhouette Challenge, another Transition trend “Boom Boom Challenge” is what the TikTok users are crazy about. Although Boom Boom Challenge is also a transition trend, it has a raunchy twist.

TikTok challenges are an incredible way to stay amused. It also helps you garner millions of views and hearts on TikTok. If you want to increase your followers’ count then you should cope with all the trending challenges. But to hop into any of the TikTok challenges, you must be an amid user of the app or you must have adequate knowledge of the trend. Some users are coming up with their own version of the challenge by adding or removing aspects of the trend, that’s also cool. But it is important for the videos to be catchy and full of fun.

Over time, the transition challenges have remained popular on the app. Among all the transition challenges, the Silhouette Challenge remained popular on the app for quite a long term. It involved people switching from their everyday look to full glam.

Quite similar to the Silhouette Challenge another challenge named “Boom Boom” has joined TikTok this month. Here is what this trend is all about and how to be part of it.

What Is Boom Boom Challenge TikTok

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As described earlier, TikTok’s brand new Boom Boom Challenge is all about transition. It involves people transitioning from their casual selves to being ready to hit the floor.

In the first part of the video, you will witness people being fully clothed, wearing pajamas or sweats, and not looking their best. However, in the latter part, they will be all dressed up, wearing glamorous clothes and makeup.

Now, you must be thinking that the challenge completes here? Naah, remember that raunchy twist we talked about in the beginning? Yes, the challenge doesn’t end here. In the last part of the video, girls are showing off their b**bs by wearing a blazer with no shirt underneath. It finally ends here! But yes, it also has a signature soundtrack that you must play in the background.

How To Do Boom Boom Challenge TikTok

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To be part of this viral trend, you will need to follow the below steps.

Initially, launch your TikTok app and tap on the record button. For the first part of the video, you will need to face the camera wearing your casual clothes without any makeup.

Once you are done recording the first part, pause the video and wear some classy cloth and put up some makeup for a smooth transition, record a snippet and pause the video again.

Here comes the last part of the video, where you have to come up with the bawdy look. Wear a blazer with no shirt underneath and then “BOOM BOOM”!

Once you are done recording the video, add the signature soundtrack in the background. You might have heard and also recognized the voice for the background track? Well, that’s of TikTok Queen Doja Cat whose songs have been part of many other viral challenges on TikTok.

You will find the track with the title, Boom by Doja Cat. Once you have applied the background music, you are all set to rock.

TikTok users are loving the trend, as many have found it full of fun. Here are some of the reactions given by users:

One user Tweeted, “My GF doing the Boom Boom Challenge on TikTok, me simping over her”

Another wrote, “That Boom Boom Challenge on TikTok is so hot,” “Damn I love this trend”, said another.

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Last Words

This was all about the viral Boom Boom challenge from TikTok. What is your opinion about this trend? Do share your outlook in the below comment box.

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