Canceledconservative Fired Vaccinated Employees: TikTok

A TikTok user named Canceledconservative claims that he has fired his vaccinated employees. According to his recent video, he has fired over 46 vaccinated employees. His video is making rounds on the video-sharing app. Here is all you need to know.

TikTok users have been sharing some weird videos for the last few days. The most recent video that went viral was of an Asian man who was quarreling with a young boy for not wearing a mask. Following this, another video that featured a woman identified as ‘Layer Karen’ yelling at a guy went viral.

This time a TikTok user named Canceledconservative has become the talk of the town for firing his employees over a silly reason. This viral TikTok video creator has faced backlash from his followers. Here is all you need to know about this viral video.

Who Is Canceledconservative On TikTok?

Image Of Who Is Canceledconservative On TikTok

Canceledconservative is a TikTok content creator who has recently gone viral on the platform following a controversial video. The video features Canceledconservative talking about firing over 46 employees just because they got their vaccine.

Jodie Pendleton aka Canceledconservative has faced backlash from the users. After receiving a lot of hate, Jodie has rolled some more videos to clear his stance but it was too late. Users are quite upset about his behavior with the employees.

In the video, Jodie was seen wearing a beanie with President Trump’s name on it. In one of his later videos, he claimed that he is “a patriot” and “a person who loves the Constitution and this country.” As of 6th October, Jodie’s account doesn’t appear on the platform. Seems like his account is being removed from TikTok. However, the copied version of this video is still flaunting on the internet.

In his viral video, Jodie claims that he owns 4 restaurants and had employed over 138 employees. Among all of his employees, only 46 were vaccinated, and these are the ones who are being fired.

In one video he justifies his stance by saying, he was just trying to follow the federal mandate. Which asks the businesses with over 100 employees to get vaccinated, so he fired the vaccinated ones to bring his employees count below 100.

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Canceledconservative TikTok Video

Image Of Canceledconservative TikTok Video

@thatdaneshguy (Danesh) the TikTok investigator picked the viral video. Soon he came up with all the details regarding the viral TikTok user. Danesh finds out that, Canceledconservative aka Jodie is a district manager at Paparoni’s Pizzeria and Grill restaurant chain in South Carolina. He further said that it isn’t legal for a manager to fire his employees just because they were vaccinated.

Danesh further tried to reach the fired employees by rolling a video on his Twitter account with the caption “Anyone here in #SouthCarolina get fired from a #paparonis recently?”

However, in a follow-up video, Jodie has claimed that he hasn’t fired any of his staff members rather he was just trying to “prove a point”. He further talked about how “the left and their hypocrisies just f**kin’ blows my mind.”

He further added that he just wants people on the other side of the political aisle to realize, “how it would feel for them and their first-class citizens to be terminated for making a choice. Because that’s really what’s f**king happening to the unvaccinated people.”

Users on TikTok have given negative responses to his video. Here are some of the opinions of people about Jodie’s stance,

One user wrote, “If you have to declare yourself to be a patriot, chances are you aren’t”.

Another said, “Seems the word ‘Patriot’ has taken on a whole new meaning …somehow it’ll never be the same”.

Bottom Line

This was all about the TikTok user Canceledconservative who has recently fired his 46 vaccinated employees. Hopefully, you have got all the required information.

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