Chapstick Trend TikTok – What Is The Trend All About?

One bizarre trend that you might hear about on TikTok is the Chapstick trend and it encourages the users to end their lives. Ending one’s life with a chapstick? Well, that sounds so weird but yes, this is what the idea behind the viral Chapstick trend is. Although the trend has been discontinued now you must understand the idea behind it to scroll safely on the video-sharing app. Here is everything you need to know about what the Chapstick trend on TikTok is and why it is perceived to be a dangerous trend.

Ever since TikTok’s launch, we have heard about hundreds of dangerous challenges. Several challenges have taken the lives of innocent TikTok users. Following these dangerous challenges, TikTok also has faced backlash in several countries and it has faced banning and unbanning in several countries of the world.

Even though TikTok is competing against the giant social media platforms in terms of entertainment, it is still full of rubbish content that must not be present on the app.

One dangerous challenge that we are going to talk about today is the ‘Chapstick Trend’ which made several users attempt suicide. Here is all about how people attempted suicide following the Chapstick Trend.

What Is The Chapstick Trend On TikTok?

Image Of What Is The Chapstick Trend On TikTok

Well, there are several renditions of Chapstick Trend on TikTok but one version is the most dangerous one. It forced the users to attempt suicide and this is the reason why the challenge is being discontinued from the platform.

It is a fact that there is no shortage of toxic trends on TikTok. The chapstick trend is just another bizarre trend.

As people mostly refer to lip balms as chapsticks now, the trend involves lip balms and thus it is called the Chapstick trend.

The rules for this trend are unclear as people have come up with several versions of the trend and each of the versions has its own rules. However, the versions that are hurting the users on the platform are being restricted.

One of the most dangerous versions of this challenge is, where the users are using an entire tube of ChapStick on their lips. They further say that, when the tube gets finished, they are supposed to die by suicide. And yes, several users have hurt themselves in an attempt to complete this trend.

People have also discussed the trend on Twitter and they have found it useless. One Twitter user said, “I just saw something called the “Chapstick Challenge” on TikTok and the challenge ends in suicide. Wtf is this world come to”.

Another user wrote on Twitter, “This Chapstick Trend on TikTok is complete nonsense, how can a chapstick relate to suicide, Rubbish”.

Users are not happy about this trend at all thus they have ridiculed it on several social media platforms.

TikTok Chapstick Trend

Image Of TikTok Chapstick Trend

Besides the dangerous ones, there is one romantic version of this challenge. Following this rendition of Chapstick Trend, TikTok girls are applying a lip balm flavor on their lips and are kissing their boyfriends who have to guess the flavor. This version is quite popular among the TikTok love birds and it has got immense traction on the app.

Referring to this version, one user wrote on Twitter, “the chapstick challenge was invented so girls could get their boyfriends to have basic hygiene and no longer have crusty lips”.

Another version of this challenge is where the users are covering their wounds with chapstick and several other lip balms to add to their wounds.

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The Final Words

This was all about the Chapstick Trend on TikTok and its several versions. Hopefully, the information provided here in this blog was helpful.

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