Charlie Blythe — Age, Parents, And Job Details Provided

Charlie Blythe, an emerging TikTok star has revealed everything about her parents except their names. Fans are curious to know who the parents of Charlie Blythe are. If you are among those fans here’s all you need to know.

In her most viral video, the famous TikTok user and singer Charlie Blythe has shared her childhood stories. According to her, she lived an extremely lavish life with her parents, who are now divorced.

She started articulating the story by discussing some mild stories about their privileged childhood like using an intercom system to let her father know that the dinner was ready. Another story she articulated was that she never visited a grocery store, writing what she needs on a notepad was enough to have it the next moment.

After listening to her stories some TikTok users have slammed her for being fake while many others have encouraged her to share what she felt. However, the curiosity to know about her parents remained the same for all users.

Who Is Charlie Blythe

Image Of Who Is Charlie Blythe

Charlie Blythe is an emerging TikTok star with 174.5K followers as of now. She has amassed 3 Million views on her videos altogether. Charlie joined TikTok on 30th May 2020 but she became popular after a video where she articulated about her richness. This video has racked up more than 16 Million views which is quite huge.

In the detailed video, she explained how she used to live with a fear of being abducted because of her name. Here is what she said in her video.

“My house was so big I had to tell my dad dinner was ready by using the phone intercom system.

“And all of those dinners were three-course meals prepared by a private chef. We had at least like seven employees in the house at all times, including security guards. My mom was always terrified there would be an inside job and I would be kidnapped.

 “When my parents got divorced, I had to live in four houses at the same time, and somehow I would get in trouble. Because I couldn’t keep track of all my underwear.

“One time we took a 30-minute commercial flight from Boston to Nantucket. My dad hated the commercial flying experience so much. Despite the fact state police officers helped us get through it, he had the private plane meet us in Nantucket to bring us back to Boston.”

Charlie further added, “I never had to go to the grocery store as a kid. There was a pad of paper in the kitchen, if I wrote something down, it would just appear the next day.

“My parent’s divorce made the news, calling my mom a gold digger. And the comments were full of men counting down the years until I turned 18.

Charlie Blythe Parents

Image Of Charlie Blythe Parents

As the video went viral people on TikTok started to dig out information about her parents but there isn’t any information so far. Most of the users have called it a fake story and she was slammed by many in the comment section.

After getting negative comments on her video, she said she regrets sharing her story. Charlie has asked her followers to be respectful towards people’s feelings and privacy. Blythe has now disabled the comment option in most of her videos.

Charlie also runs an Instagram account where she has 3,272 followers. You can find her under the username @iamcharlieblythe to know more about her life. She is also a singer and you can find her songs on Spotify.

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Last Words

Though there isn’t any information about Charlie’s parents but we will update the information whenever Charlie feels comfortable talking about them. Keep visiting us for further updates.

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