Cloud Ceiling TikTok — Here Is An Amazing Décor Idea

If you are a live user of TikTok then, you might have seen a lot of videos with title Cloud Ceiling TikTok. Want to know more about this trend? Are you probing to know how To Do The Cloud Ceiling On TikTok? If yes, then you have opened the most relevant article. Keep reading and get to know the hacks to prettify your room.

TikTok is a widespread platform which is home to people having different skills. It has users from every corner of world so we can find a considerable diversity on this video sharing application. Be it a dancer, makeup artist, an actor, a singer or a fashion designer, TikTok has provided space to every individual. Therefore, you can find videos related to your choices.

If you are bored of your room’s interior, TikTok has a solution for you. You can find many accounts that will help you prettify your bedroom. The DIY community on TikTok will give you some cheap and classy ideas for your house. In some recent days, a TikTok DIY video is flaunting on the App that can give your bedroom a classy look. Want to know how it can be done? Yes? Keep scrolling!

What Is Cloud Ceiling On TikTok

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TikTok is primarily famous for dance videos, comedy skits, and memes but as a massive population has joined the platform different variety of content is popping up. To get the content you need, all you have is to do is to search your required content with a simple hash tag.

As people on TikTok prefer short videos, so the DIY community has to create faster videos. Mostly they share inspirational, delightful and sparking ideas rather than a full tutorial. Some DIY videos advise their viewers to check their YouTube, Instagram channels for the full tutorials.

Cloud Ceiling On TikTok is the most famous DIY created by the DIY community of TikTok. The DIY is being created after the famous hanging cloud décor. The hanging cloud décor gives your room a stormy look but the cloud wall can light up all your walls.

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How To Do The Cloud Ceiling On TikTok

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Before starting to create the Cloud Ceiling, you will have to grab the following items from your nearest craft store,

  • String of LED lights (Color changing LED Lights are recommended)
  • Synthetic stuffing (stuff pillows or plushies)
  • Craft Paper or Cardboard to stick your project

You can grab all the above items from any online platforms or even from your nearest crafts store. Once you have collected all these items, follow the below steps to give your bedroom a stormy look.

Firstly, attach the cardboard to the wall so that the wall will remain safe if you ever remove the décor. You can also attach craft paper instead of card board according to your feasibility. Then add the LED lights on the cardboard under the cloud you have created. Most of the TikTok videos have featured this model, where the LED lights are attached in a zig-zag pattern. In some videos the shorter strips of LED lights are attached.

Once you attach the LED lights, now it’s time to stick the stuffing on the cardboard. The place where LED lights are attached will lighten up the clouds giving the whole model an amazing look.

Readers should also make sure to check their clouds on daily basis. Because bugs might breed inside these cozy clouds. If you feel like the bugs are increasing, then we would suggest you to remove this décor.

Last Words

This was all about the trending Cloud Ceiling TikTok. Hope we have provided enough information to help you decorate your bedrooms.

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