Did TikTok Remove Repost Button? Explored

Users on TikTok are upset as they are unable to spot the repost button, did TikTok remove this recently rolled feature? Are you unable to find the repost button on TikTok? Well, we are here for your rescue! Keep reading and get all the information about whether or not did TikTok remove the repost button from the platform.

Social media handles are constantly evolving as social media applications are striving to offer the best possible user experience for their audience. Quite similar to all other social media handles, TikTok also is making some notable changes to the platform to stay in the race.

Just recently, TikTok rolled the repost button on the platform that enabled the users to repost videos that they liked to their accounts. This feature got immense love from the users and it became one of the most popular features of TikTok.

However, just recently TikTok users have started complaining about not being able to find this feature on their handle. They are curious to know if TikTok has removed the repost button from the platform. If you are among such users wondering to get any information about the TikTok repost button, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know.

Is The Repost Feature On TikTok Removed?

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First thing first, it is important for the users to know that the repost button on TikTok was not a permanent addition. The video-sharing app confirmed that they are testing the repost button in December last year. The application was testing this feature to know how the audience is going to interact with it. This button was added to the platform just to check its functionality and the users’ behavior towards it.

After testing the feature for a few months, it seems like; the platform has been taken aback by this popular feature. The testing stage is over and so the feature is taken aback. This is the reason why most TikTok users are unable to find it on the platform.

Nonetheless, TikTok has not talked about the feature in any of its recent official statements. As most of the TikTok users liked this feature a lot, it is expected that we are soon going to get the feature back on our handles. Most of the users, who are aware of the testing phase of this feature, are optimistic about its re-launch. In fact, most TikTok users are sure to have the feature back, but nothing can be said until TikTok comes up with an official announcement.

Where Is The Repost Button On TikTok?

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While this trendy feature was launched, a TikTok spokesperson revealed that: “We’re always thinking about new ways to bring value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience. Currently, we’re experimenting with a new way for people to share TikTok videos they enjoy.”

Now that the feature is being removed from the video-sharing app, users do not seem happy at all. They have taken it to Twitter to share their displeasure. Some users are heartbroken while others are demanding to have the feature back. Here is what users have tweeted on Twitter about the repost feature of TikTok.

One user said: “This is the worst day of my life the repost option on TikTok isn’t there anymore”.

Another wrote: “How am I supposed to repost depressing stsg on TikTok now. How will I ever share my pain w all my oomfs on the fyp”.

Another user wrote: “TikTok need to bring back that repost feature”.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about why did TikTok remove the repost button from the platform. Hopefully, the article was helpful.

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