Dj TikTok Zero Two Dance — Dance Trend Gone Viral

Have you seen a lot of videos saying Dj TikTok Zero Two Dance on TikTok’s Foryou page? Want to know from where and how this dance trend originated? If yes, then you are on the most relevant space. This article will enlighten you with all available information regarding this viral dance trend.

The Chinese video sharing application has never disappointed its users in terms of entertainment. Upon opening the application every single day, the TikTok user’s get to see new challenges, trends and filters. The TikTok users come up with new and innovative ideas every day which is source of entertainment for rest of the users.

TikTok users are now obsessed with a new dance trend Dj TikTok Zero Two Dance. With a same catchy piece of music users are recreating the dance steps. Millions of users have already participated in this popular dance trend. Let’s dive into more detail to get the clear understanding of this viral dance.

What Is Dj Zero Two Dance On TikTok

Image Of Zero Two Tiktok

The idea of this popular Dj Zero Two Dance On TikTok has come from a video of an anime character doing a dance to a captivating piece of sound track. As the video released, TikTok users took this music track to TikTok along with the dance steps. The dance steps include swinging your hips from side to side with your arms above your head.

The sound track used for this video is a song by Vietnamese artists Phao. The remix of this track is also used to make TikTok videos. This viral trend resembles the ME!ME!ME! Dance trend that was viral in November of 2020. The same sound track is previously used with a video of Zero Two from the anime Darling in the Franxx.

Meme creators have also played their role by using this sound track. They have created hilarious content using their creative skills and the videos are so much fun to watch.

Zero Two Dance TikTok

Image Of Zero Two Dance TikTok

The trend originated firstly on 9th of December 2019 when a user @dat1guy420 posted a GIF of Zero Two performing the ME!ME!ME! Dance.  This video garnered more than 3200 hearts in a year.

The trend came back on social media when YouTube content creator CM1X uploaded Hai Phút Hơn to his channel. The video harvested over 21.9 million views in 10 months. Another YouTube channel ATOM Official uploaded a remix of this song to their YouTube channel that also was viewed over 648,000 times in 9 months.

The sound track reached TikTok On November 17th, 2020 when a user @marlenea23 uploaded a video edit of Zero Two dancing to Hai Phút Hơn to TikTok. The video garnered over 34 million views in 1 month; Well this is a big hit!

Right after the video by @marlenea23 went viral; the sound track was used by the TikToker’s to mimic the dance. According a compilation of the trendy sound track we have concluded that the trend started from china.

The video was later created by a TikTok star sava.schultz which garnered over 49 million views in just 14 days. Inspired by this, laurenxburch also came forward with the shaky dance steps that successfully garnered 25.9 million views in 5 days.

After these consecutive successful videos, the dance trend went viral and millions of users jumped in to pay their part. This is how these shaky dance moves are making to the Foryou page of TikTok.

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This was all about the famous video featuring anime character’s dance moves. Hope the article has given you a complete understanding of this trendy sound track. Follow us to stay updated about the latest filters, trends and challenges on TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat.

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