Lost Treasures of ESO Skyrim Event [2020]

Elder Scroll Online Greymoor is a newly released online game. It is developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, and it was released on May 26, 2020. It has more than 15 million active players all over the world. In this article, we will discuss the ESO Skyrim Event.

This game is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, playable on different platforms including Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and macOS.

The online games come up with different exciting events, puzzles, and challenges for its players. Similarly, ESO Greymoor has announced a new event named lost treasures of Skyrim Event for its players all over the world.

Now will discuss this new event in detail.

How to Begin with Lost Treasures of ESO Skyrim Event

The players who have the Greymoor expansion, the event will automatically available for them during the event period. By completing daily quests in Western Skyrim the players can gain tickets, which can be used to purchase cosmetics at the impresario.

Image of Lost Treasures of Skyrim Event

The quests will award the players a special loot box named Bulging Box of Gray Host or Box of Gray Host Pillage. These will contain delightful rewards ranging from materials to style pages and furnishings.

ESO Western Skyrim Dallies Quests can be found by the taking to the NPCs with the blue quest markers in the main town.

Precious Bark — Tinzen Skyrim

The Strength of Giants —Tinzen Skyrim

Dwemer Disassembly – Tinzen Skyrim

The Preservation of Life — Tinzen Skyrim

A Trial Gone Cold — Tinzen Skyrim

Spiritual Release — Tinzen Skyrim

Feasting in the Dark — Hidaver Skyrim

Circle of Cheaters — Hidaver Skyrim

Lost Along the Shore — Hidaver Skyrim

Mother of Shadows — Hidaver Skyrim

Moonlight Kidnapping — Hidaver Skyrim

Halt the Harrowstorms — Swordthane Skyrim

Problem Growth — Hidaver Skyrim

Image of ESO Greymoor Event

Lost Treasure of Skyrim Event Starting Date

To the ESO Greymoor lovers take a deep breath, because the ESO Greymoor Event has started and still ongoing. It began on September 23, 2020, and will end on October 5, 2020, till 10 AM eastern daylight time.

So you have still the opportunity to claim different rewards by completing Western Skyrim Daily Quests and unlock unique collectibles for all Greymoor players with the Antiquities system. 

Rewards in Lost Treasures of Skyrim Event

Image of Lost Treasures Western Skyrim Event

As players explore quest and battle throughout the Western Skyrim during the Lost treasures of Skyrim event, they will also have the chance to earn bonus rewards and new collectibles.

For beginners, all Western Skyrim resource nodes will deliver double rewards which will not include fishing holes or crafting materials obtained from monsters. All the Western Skyrim world bosses, delve bosses and Kyne’s Aegis trail bosses will have an opportunity to drop additional loot when defeated, and on completion of Western Skyrim Daily Quests, there will be double rewards.

As well as, when you first time completes a Western Skyrim daily quest every day, then you will receive a Bulging Box of Gray Host Pillage Reward Box. In these containers, there is a chance of holding the following items.

Crafting material

Valuables to be sold to vendors

Style items for the Blackreach Vanguard on Gray Host Styles

Zone set items

Treasure maps and survey reports

Chaurus Eggs, Vile Coagulant, or Crimson Nirnroot

Blackreach Vanguard Motif Chapter

Greymoor Motif Chapter

New Sovngrade Style pages

Greymoor furnishing recipe

Image of Western Skyrim Daily Quests

Altough, an ordinary Box of Gray may not hold many rewards as a Bulging box, but they still have a chance to hold any of the above-mentioned items, so keep adventuring

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Impresario and Event Tickets

To earn Event Tickets during the Lost Treasures of Skyrim event, the players have to simply turn in either a Western Skyrim daily quest or a Kyne’s Aegis weekly quest. Players will receive 3 tickets for doing so each day of the event.

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