How to Win as Imposter in Among Us Game: Tips for the Players

The Among Us game is one of the best amongst the online games. It is developed and launched by an American company named Indie Studio Innersloth on June 15, 2018. According to a source, it has more than 1.5 million active players all over the world. In this article, we will focus on how to win as an imposter in Among Us.

Online gaming is becoming popular day by day. People love to stay engage with an entertaining activity while they are at homes most of the time due to the current pandemic. So for many people out there, online games are the best option.

The online gaming industry is flourishing with time goes on. According to a report, the industry will generate more than 198 billion as revenue in 2022. So, there is a good opportunity for investors.

Now, we will talk about how to win as an imposter in Among Us game.

How to Win as Imposter in Among Us?

In Among Us four to ten players can participate in astronaut gear of a space ship crew. One or the three crew of members are imposters whose objective is to kill while other players have to escape unharmed.

In order to escape being murdered, the crewmates need to complete many ordinary tasks. The tasks are found through each of the three maps game. Even they can inhale and deselect the imposters during the crew meeting.

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As an imposter, there are few ways to win a game. In this, you can kill all the crewmates, until the number of survivals equals the number of imposters left over. And also you can sabotage the ship’s 2 (oxygen) from your map. It will kill all onboard if it goes unrepaired for a long time. O2 is the best way to travel the crewmates to the location you want.

As per the O2 is not that difficult to repair, and the finest method to succeed in Among Us is to lie and deceive your way to the final few players, either ejecting or killing crewmates along the way.

Players who don’t know how to win Among Us as an imposter, here are some tricks which will help you for sure.

Deceiving Others in Among Us

You have to act wisely to deceive other players in this game. You don’t have to act foolishly, if others got suspicion on you then you will be ejected. Do the tasks and try your best to keep it secret.

Faking tasks in Among Us

To win as an imposter a common trick is to fake your task. If you know how to do one to two tasks locations, then go there and do nothing, passing players will think you are doing a task. Even they will declare you innocent in the next meeting.

Use Your Sabotage

Sabotages are the game changers in the imposter’s arsenal. They can be used to handle the map and playing field. So it makes you easier to kill you’re a crewmate while maintaining innocence. You can block the player’s entry by locking doors and also blow up the lights to make an easy situation to kill the crewmate and hide it from others.

How to Win as Crewmate in Among Us

Image of how to win as Crewmates in Among Us

As compare to imposters, crewmates can easily win in Among Us. Their work is to deselect the imposter or finish their tasks before they kill all of the crewmates. So they have to avoid being killed or voted out by others in the game. And to make it happen they have to follow the below-given tips.

Use Admin Map

Crewmates can use the admin map to find out the real location of others. So they can easily trace out what others are doing and they can easily get the imposters who kill others.

Do Visible Tasks

Crewmates can do visible tasks like shooting asteroids, medbay scans, or throwing out garbage in front of others. This will help, once they cement their alibi, other crewmates will not suspect of them being imposters.

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Trick Imposters

Crewmates can line up on top as crewmate to let imposter know about them, so the imposters will assume that they are the only one crewmate left and attempt to kill. This way. The imposter can be catch red-handed.

Image of how to win Among Us as Imposter

Now with the help of above mentioned tips, you can win as an imposter and crewmate in Among Us.

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