Euphoria Eye TikTok Trend — Viral Trend From TikTok

The HBO Series-inspired trend Euphoria Eye is currently going viral on the video-sharing app TikTok. The trend sees users shooting their eye details while using a new filter that is the trendiest Euphoria-themed lens. If you are among the users looking to be part of this popular trend, we have got you covered, is everything you need to know.

Social media trends have been the life-saving drugs against boredom for most social media users. The users accepted the importance of these trends in the Covid year. Surely, without social media platforms and social media trends, it wasn’t possible for us to survive the pandemic year. These trends and challenges have made our quarantine days bearable.

The recent trend to go viral on the video-sharing app is Euphoria Eye Trend, which is an HBO series-inspired trend. The trend has gone viral on the internet following a unique Euphoria-themed lens.

How To Do The Euphoria Eye TikTok Trend?

Image Of How To Do The Euphoria Eye TikTok Trend

As the name suggests, the viral Euphoria Eye TikTok Trend sees users taking detailed close-up shots of their eyes. Using the hashtag Euphoria Eye, users have shared some breathtaking shots.

If you are among the avid users of TikTok, you must have seen hundreds and thousands of eye close-ups appearing on your foryou page.

The trend is especially getting popular among Euphoria fans. Most of the trend participants are seen using a blue and purple-tinted camera filter. Upon applying the filter, users get a detailed eyeshot that most of them love.

Alongside the beautiful detailed eye shots, users are also adding a catchy beat to their videos. One of the popular TikTok creators @jazzthornton_ tried the trend and she has boasted over eight million views, which is quite huge. The video creator has also earned over 950k likes on his viral video and people also have poured thousands of comments praising her snippet. The TikTok creator has written in the caption that, this new filter has made her love her eyes.

The Euphoria Eye TikTok Filter

Image Of The Euphoria Eye TikTok Filter

If you are unable to spot the filter to be part of this viral trend, here we have provided all the details about this popular lens.

To be part of this trend, firstly, select the signature background track titled ‘Feel Something’. It is a track sung by Bea Miller and rolled on the video-sharing app by @valcarpintero.

The next step is to set the timer for the background track. Set the sound to nine seconds only and make sure you are recording the video in selfie mode. Once you have made all the adjustments, tap on the record button and slowly zoom your front camera towards the eye you want to shoot.

As the lyrics reach the word “again”, close your eye and pause your video recording. Next, you will be required to enable the Euphoria filter from the filters section and activate your back camera.

While recording the video, make sure you are standing in front of a mirror so that you can see exactly where you are filming and again zoom your camera towards the other eye.

Several users have come up with amazing shots as they have recorded the videos near a lamp or light. Now, it is time to reset the timer for audio while keeping your eyes closed to create a smooth transition. As the audio begins again, open your eyes and watch the details light up.

If you are still unable to understand you can watch a detailed tutorial on this TikTok handle @jazzthornton_.

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The Last Words

This was all about the viral Euphoria Eye TikTok Trend and the technique to complete the challenge. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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