Evergreen Meme — Humor Behind Small Excavators & Ship

Meme creators have filled the internet with viral Evergreen Meme. If you are searching for this viral meme’s back-story then you have reached the most accurate spot. Keep reading and get to know all details about this trendy meme.

A massive container ship is stuck in the Suez Canal and authorities are trying to free it using a tiny excavator and bulldozer. An image is being shared on internet and meme creators have found their meme stock for the next few days. The picture features 2 workers and a bulldozer working on the site.

The image seems quite funny so meme community is using this image to their fullest. It is currently the biggest news trending across the globe. It is said that the ship costs millions of dollars an hour because it has blocked the canal that connects Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea.

Besides meme creators, even famous personalities have come forward to talk about the viral footage. John D. Arnold, the famous American philanthropist has shared the picture on his twitter account with the caption, “2 guys and a bulldozer on site to dislodge a ship stuck in the Suez Canal”

Let’s dive into detail to know more about this viral meme. Keep scrolling!

What Is Evergreen Ship Meme

Image Of What Is Evergreen Ship Meme

After the container ship has blocked the movement of ships by getting stuck in one of the world’s busiest waterways, a new meme trend has evolved. The ship is reported to be stuck in the Suez Canal this Wednesday. A day after it got stuck, Suez Canal authorities announced that they are temporarily suspending navigation. Until the grounded container vessel MV Ever Given is released.

According to press reports released earlier, the ship’s bow is touching the eastern wall and the other end of the ship is stuck against the western wall. It is an extraordinary event as reported by the canal authorities. They further reported that, such event has never occurred in the canal’s 150 years long history.

Origin Of Evergreen Ship Meme

Image Of What Is Evergreen Ship Meme

Initially it was thought to be serious news (it is still serious one) but things got spiced up when authorities brought a ‘tiny’ bulldozer and an excavator to clear sand around the giant ship and free the ship. The whole situation has now provided fodder for the meme creators to come up with some hilarious memes.

Right after the work-in-process image was uploaded on the internet, the brainy meme creators have rolled hilarious content. Some have compared it with their lives while someone has even created a twitter page and named it “Guy With The Digger At Suez Canal”.

Right after 2 days of the accident, the image has spread all over the globe and it has turned out to be a hilarious meme. Though most of twitter users have uploaded comic posts but, a user named as @nameshiv has talked about some serious facts. Here is what the tweet reads.

“If you think youre having a bad day, spare a thought for the helmsman who somehow managed to stick his giantass ship sideways into the goddamn Suez Canal & blocked it into literal gridlock & is currently costing every seafaring nation of Earth like millions of dollars every hour”

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Evergreen Suez Canal Meme

Here are some hilarious Evergreen Meme from twitter that you should not miss. One user wrote “Whenever I feel too small to make a difference I will think of the excavator.”

Another user added, When you feel stressed at work, take a look at this tiny excavator. The burden of dredging the route between Asia and Europe rests squarely on its shoulders. #EVERGIVEN #suezcanal

Bottom Line

This was all about the viral Evergreen Meme. Hope the article has provided enough information about this hilarious trend. Stay tuned for any further updates.

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