Facebook Edit Posts Option Not Working – How To Fix?

Facebook users are reporting on Twitter that the edit posts option is not working and for some, the option is nowhere to be found. Users are frustrated about the trouble and they are inquiring to know if it is a glitch or if Facebook has knowingly removed the option. If you are among these frustrated users, we have gathered all the information about Facebook’s edit option. Keep reading!

Facebook is one of the most followed social media applications with more than 2.9 billion users worldwide. This social media platform has been around for more than a decade now and several users rely on it to socialize.

Though it is not common for the platform to have glitches, users recently are reporting a hindrance. Facebook users have taken it to Twitter to report that the edit posts option is not working for them, the option has totally disappeared and they are not happy about the change.

Some users have revealed that it was a one decent option that helped them rectify their errors and now Facebook has taken away that too.

Here is everything you need to know about the Facebook edit post and its potential fixes.

Why Is The Facebook Edit Posts Option Not Working?

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The annoyed Facebook users are complaining on Twitter that they are unable to edit their posts, the option is not working for them. The users seem frustrated as they have used harsh words about the new change. Here is how Facebook users have expressed their aggression over this update.

One person wrote, “Why on earth is my “edit post” button gone on Facebook?!?!,”

Another said, “Have we gone back to 2007 where you can’t edit posts on @facebook anymore??

“@facebook @Meta my “edit post” button is gone and I see others have the same issue on the “interwebs” Please fix this and STOP messing with your product!!,” wrote another user.

Some users have started comparing it to Twitter’s option of not enabling the users to edit their posts, as the edit option is only available for premium Twitter users.

Comparing the app with Twitter one user said, “Why would Facebook take away the edit button? Only Twitter can get away with not allowing us to edit posts”.

Facebook Edit Posts Option Is Gone

Image Of Facebook Edit Posts Option Is Gone

iOS users have revealed that the edit option has disappeared after Apple’s latest software update. Explaining how the option has disappeared, one person wrote: “So since I updated Apple software on iPhone this morning, the “Edit” button on Facebook has disappeared. You can edit in Comments, but not your own posts. WTF.”

One user wrote, “So I updated my iPhone on @Apple’s latest update, and now I can’t edit @facebook posts… what did y’all do?”

Another grumpy user said “Dear @Facebook, since my iPhone app updated, I can no longer edit my posts. This is not an improvement. It’s a throwback to 2008. How about a fix? And how weird that your lack of responsiveness on your own platform requires public shaming on this one.

Some users have a perception that it is a glitch that will get fixed soon. However, Facebook has not yet responded to any of the complaint.

The app also has not explained the issue nor have they suggested a fix. As most users are complaining that the issue has occurred after the new software update, we would suggest that Facebook users should install the previous version of the app. If it doesn’t work, wait for Facebook to respond to the issue.

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The Last Words

This was all about the Facebook Edit Posts Option and why it is not working on the platform. If you are aware of any potential fix to this issue, let us know in the comment box below.

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