FOE Halloween Event 2020: Guideline for Players

In this article, we will discuss FOE Halloween Event 2020. Online games arrange different events in form of new challenges and tasks for their customers. And they give many prizes to the winners and participants as rewards.

The Forge of Empires Halloween Event is coming soon. It will in mid-October and will last for 22 days. During the event period, there will be 30 instant quests with 21 daily quests. As well as, there are more many mini-quests series activate with the help of dolls, which can be found in the built-in-mini-game.

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What is FOE Halloween Event 2020 All About?

Well, people, who are interested in this event and don’t know much about it, here we will provide details for you.

The aim is to gather tickets for the Halloween tent to attract more children to the tent with candles, lanterns, and flashlights. These items will then be used to clear the fog in the tent to find the prizes which are hidden inside.

Therefore, there are 120 tickets for the start of the event. And the next 50 tickets are available daily for logging in, then each of 51 quests will provide additional 50 tickets.

There is also the option of buying tickets with diamonds, although it depends on the size of the purchased package that you can pay just 4-5 diamonds for a single ticket. As well as, the incidents in and around the city will occasionally provide you the tickets, that mostly 5. If you have luck, then you can get 10 or 20.

In the end, you manage to get 1200 tickets for completing the landmark after quest 30. The active players will manage to get a total of 4,970 tickets during the event, including those they get from incidents and mini-quest series. And you can use these events in the event window.

What is FOE Halloween Event 2020?

As already mentioned above, the popular Halloween Event of Forge of Empires (FOE) will start soon. during the event, there will be 30 instant quests and 21 daily quests.

The mini-game has similar in-game mechanics to the Archeology event as like last year’s Halloween event. And this year there will be no sand to remove from antiques and no cobwebs to clear from the library, but there will be fog to clear.

In this, you can use a candle to illuminate a single field, with the help of a flashlight you can clear an entire column and the lantern can be useful for removing the fog around all the surrounding fields.

This will help you to expose light bulbs, dolls, pumpkins, and portraits. Several of the portraits are already familiar from the previous Halloween events. And also you will ever find the avatars that you don’t already have.

At the start, you will get 3 flashlights, 7 candles, and one lantern. You have the option of exchanging more of these 3 lamps for the tickets that you receive.

Since the largest package offers the most for the price, we can endorse that to always fall back on it. You get 20 candles, 8 lanterns, and 8 flashlights for 395 tickets only.

When you go forward, it is essential to illuminate everything a little more carefully, since it is not only a matter of collecting the essential number of bulbs, if possible all the available dolls as well. The dolls are hidden many times in the labyrinth, but the dolls of the lower row.

How to Participate in the FOE Halloween Event 2020?

Continuing the participation process for the Forge of Empires Halloween Events 2020, the users who think about whether it is good to use a candle for each pumpkin or whether it is better to skip one in favor of more light bulbs and dolls should take the hint that the familiar the pumpkin looks the better the chance of getting a daily special reward.

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One of the daily specials was on the beta server directly on the first day of the event the selection kit for the Abandoned Asylum, which was the previous year’s main prize. On the 10th day of the event, this daily special will be available again. But there are also two times the black tower the cemetery kit, the dark doorway, and several towers with combat bounces.

If you want to finish the event as soon as possible, then you should first collect found dolls and then activate all of them at once. 

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