Fortnite Gnome Challenge — How To Complete It?

Fortnite regularly adds several quests for the players every week to boost their morale for exploring the island. This time it is live with the Fortnite Gnome Challenge. The evil Garden Gnomes are up with something filthy for now. Gnomes have always played an important part in fortnite.

But, this time the Evil Gnomes have entered the Island to destroy all other pleasant Gnomes by placing bombs at certain locations in the whole island. To complete the challenge players have to visit all these location where the bombs are transplanted and by doing so they can collect the experience points.

It seems that, there are so many secret challenges in fortnite Season 4 to be completed. These challenges may not be listed as battle pass challenges. So, you have to search for them on the map and explore the island. By completing the challenges you can get some XP very easily.

If you further need help regarding this, we are here for your service. The article will guide you to complete these hidden challenges.

What Is Fortnite Gnome Challenge

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Fortnite Gnome Challenge is yet another secret challenge that has been added to chapter 2 season 4. You might have been wondering to know how exactly the challenge can be completed. Here is the solution.

To complete the challenge players have to identify 5 canisters loaded with dynamite placed at certain locations in the island. You have to diffuse all these canisters in order to save the gnomes from these traps, as canisters are exceptionally interesting for the Gnomes. These canisters have been placed by the garden gnomes.

For every trap you identify and diffuse, will give you 500XP. And if you successfully locate and diffuse all these 5 canisters, then you will be awarded with 2500 EXP. Diffusing the bombs is really simple, all you have to do is to move towards the barrel and then deactivate the bomb using your basic interaction key.

How To Complete Fortnite Gnome Challenge

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To complete the Fortnite Gnome Challenge players have to diffuse all 5 canisters located in different places of the island. Here is a guide to know the locations and complete the challenge.

The players may find the canisters in the following locations.

Holly Hedges:

The gnome trap can be found near the small garden right after the warehouse where the Baby Groot is rescued.

Sweaty Sands:

The trap can be found near the palm tree in a corner of the patio area. You have to search for it in the corner of external wall next to the high-rise.

Misty Meadows:

The canister can be found under the bridge on the eastern side of the river.

Craggy Cliffs:

To find the 4th canister players need to head towards the north of the town. It can be found under the deck area of the big restaurant.

Steamy Stacks: The last gnome trap can be found at the northernmost stack in the lower section. Players are advised to look for it on the ground floor on south east side of the northwest smoke stake near some pipes.

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Completing the Fortnite Gnome Challenge will give the players bonus points. It will help the player to earn EXP for the next battle pass. Further, it will advance the subplot for chapter 2 season 4. Players should also know that it might be difficult to complete the challenge in a single go.

Because the Garden Gnomes have placed the bombs in various locations at the island and they can not easily be identified in a single game. The players have to explore the whole island in order to break this filthy trick started by the garden Gnomes.

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