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“His true color novel” is Chinese novel that is full of twists. You will really enjoy it when you start reading this novel. This novel his true colors novel lets you know we wonder why people just can’t get along. But, after some study I have learned that what appears as greed and pettiness are really symptoms of survivors’ struggle to feel loved and important.

The fight for money and things — Dad’s watch, Mom’s wedding ring — is not about the object or the money itself, but about what they symbolize: importance, love, security, self-esteem, connectedness, and immortality.

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His True Colors A Chinese Novel

This novel is revolving around a main character called Han Jingru. He has a strong family background.   Despite that he is living a life of poverty. Humans are genetically predisposed to competition and conflict. He was forced to live this life because he had a conflict over the issue of heir and inheritances.

Where there is no overt conflict, it seems that nearly every family has some amount of tension percolating just beneath the surface as they address family inheritance issues. “Money makes people do funny things” doesn’t do justice to the real problems and root causes of family conflict.

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His True Colors Novel In Short

Han Jingru has the true abilities for being heir. This is known to his brother and his grandmother. Very soon the main character of the story finds himself wandering on the road. The story begins when one day his father gets ill. 

The conflicts begin and his elder brother wins. He gets all powers because he is favored by his grandmother. As a result he left the family. He has nothing in his hand. He is searching for jobs here and there but he is not getting a job because of his current situation.

Suddenly his life gets twisted, i must say a great turn when he meets a man on the street. He judges him on the basis of his qualities of being a good man. He decides to make him his son in law. His daughter is very beautiful and well educated. He is marrying her and this news has shacked whole city and especially the new family. After two month of marriage the gentleman dies and Jingru has to face another tough life.

Though the newly wedded couple live together, there is no intimacy between these two. Soon, Han shines as a prudent businessman and sees the business of the family go up and up. The beautiful wife has always respected her grandfather’s decision.

So she never expressed hate in front of her husband. She does not want this man to be with her in her whole life. For the sake of her family and grandfather she has somehow accepted him. How long will she go with him?

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His True Colors Read Online

Jingru was aware of his wife’s feelings. Because he is nothing in front of her. On the other hand his family is regretting what they have done to him in the past. His grandmother is very sorry for her bad action. The man who became leader on that day is now in jail. Now nobody is there to take care of this family.

Just because of one wrong decision his life suffered a lot.  His life went through a lot of turns. Will he go back to his family? Will he forgive them so easily? What will happen to his wife? Will she move her husband or she will leave him? These are the questions floating in your mind.

To know the answers you have to read the whole novel online. It will let you know how he will show his true colors. At the end you will come to know that no matter how tough your life gets, eventually you will get what you actually deserve.

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