How To Download Reels From Instagram — Explained

As Instagram has launched a new feature, users are curious to know How To Download Reels From Instagram. Instagram Reels as quite similar as the TikTok video. What differentiates both the applications is that, TikTok enables the users to download the videos directly by hitting the download button but Instagram doesn’t support this feature.

Instagram Reels resemble the TikTok styled short videos. After Instagram TV that helps users to post long videos, Dubbed Reels will now enable the users to make 20-25 seconds short videos

Though there are some other methods that can be used to download these Instagram Reels but the App itself doesn’t support this feature. This article will put a light upon all the methods that can be used to download the Instagram Reels for both the Android and IPhone users. Let’s discuss all the available methods in detail.

Instagram Reels Video Download

Image Of Instagram Reels Video Download.

Before discussing the download feature, let’s discuss how these Reels can be saved inside the Instagram App.

Firstly, open the Instagram App and tap on the video that you want to download. You can also save your friend’s Instagram Reels. To do so, open the Instagram Reel tab that is located right next to your Instagram TV. Select the video and tap on the three dots at the top of screen then hit the option that says “Save”.

Now to access the saved video, go to your home screen and tap on the profile icon. Then go to account setting and head towards “Account”. Now under the option “Saved” you will get to see all the saved videos. The recently saved videos can also be accessed from the “All Posts” section of your account.

The Android users can also download these Insta Reels locally. Here’s how to do it. To download the videos in your phone gallery, we will suggest you to download the App “Video Downloader For Instagram-Repost Instagram” from play store. Once you get the App, go to the Instagram account and open the video. Now, tap on the three dots that sit at the top of video, then click on the Copy Link option.

Once you copy the link, get back to the newly downloaded application. After opening the Application, you will get to see the copied link automatically pasted in the app. Hit the download button and the video will be saved to your gallery.

You can now edit the video the way you want. Also you can upload the video to all other social media applications.

How To Download Reels Video From Instagram

Image Of How To Download Reels Video From Instagram.

If you are an IPhone user and want to know How To Download Reels From Instagram, then here is the answer.

To download the Reels you have to download a third party application. To get this App, go to the App store and search for “InSaver for Instagram”. Download the app once you find it. After installing the video, get back to your Insta account and select the video you need to download. Copy the link by clicking on the three dots located at the top of screen.

Open the newly installed app and the link will automatically get pasted there. Now, tap on the tab that says “Watch It”. Then select options, tap on “share” and then save the video to your gallery. IPhone users have also option to download the reels using the screen recording feature.

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Concluding Remarks

This article was all about the TikTok styled short videos (Instagram Reels) on Instagram. Hope the methods provided in this article will help you download the videos easily. Let us know if the article has provided enough information or not.

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