How To Get Scribble Face Filter On Snapchat? Explained

If you are wondering to know how to get the scribble face filter on Snapchat, you have reached the right spot. There are two ways to access this filter on Snapchat, and here we are going to explain both.

Snapchat is the go-to place if you are looking for some trending filters. Ever since its launch, Snapchat has remained a popular app and it is the best platform to access fun filters. The app has made it to the list of famous social media apps following its effects and filters.

Considering the popularity of filters, Snapchat keeps rolling new effects and filters with each passing day. There is a huge collection of filters and the count is constantly inclining as the app is open to filter creators who keep adding new filters to the platform.

The latest filter that has impressed the users is Scribble Face Filter and it is currently going viral on almost all social media apps. Following the popularity of this filter, some users are wondering to know what the Scribble Face Filter is and how to access it on Snapchat. To help all these users here we have gathered all the information about the viral Scribble Face Filter from Snapchat.

What Is Scribble Face Filter On Snapchat?

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As the name suggests, the Scribble face filter makes scribbles on your face when applied. You will get to see only scribbles on your face and the only part of your face that will be visible is your mouth.

After applying the scribble filter to your face, you will find your cartoonish version. Several content creators have used this filter to create hilarious videos. This filter is not only trending on Snapchat, but it is going viral on TikTok as well.

So, if you are unable to find Scribble Face Filter on Snapchat s far, here is how to do so.

Where To Find Scribble Face Filter?

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Accessing this filter on Snapchat is quite simple. You just need to follow the below steps to get this filter on the snap-sharing app.

Before jumping on to how to get Scribble Face Filter on Snapchat, firstly, make sure that you have updated your Snapchat app to its newest version. If you haven’t updated it, you might not be able to access all the latest filters from Snapchat. Once you have updated your app, follow the below steps to get the Scribble Face Filter.

  • Launch your updated Snapchat filter and tap on the smiley face emoji next to the camera button.
  • Upon tapping on the face emoji you will spot all the trending filters of the app.
  • There is a probability that you may find the Scribble Face Filter among these trending filters.
  • If the filter is not there among the trending ones, simply scroll past all the filters and stop when you reach the end.
  • Here, you will find a magnifying glass icon at the top of your screen, tap on it.
  • In the search bar, type ‘Scribble Face Filter’ and hit enter.
  • You will get plenty of similar filters but you have to scroll down to the one having scribbled face, brown hair, and a mouth and tongue as filter icons.
  • Tap on this filter and click on the heart button to add this filter to your favorites so that you can access it anywhere anytime.
  • Now that you have accessed the filter, open the filter and face the front cam to witness the magic.
  • You can also share your snaps using this filter to other social media platforms as well.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the Scribble Face Filter on Snapchat is and how to get it on the platform. Hopefully, the information provided here was helpful.

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