How To Reply With A Video TikTok — Explained

With constantly evolving features TikTok is on roll. If you are not aware of the newly rolled feature of TikTok, here is How To Reply With A Video TikTok. Stay Tuned!

Shortly after its launch, TikTok is now standing parallel to the social media giants including Instagram and Facebook. It has garnered massive popularity all around the world. According to a recent report, there are around 1 billion users registered on this video-sharing app. So far, it is being offered in 39 languages and people belonging to 150 countries have access to this entertainment app.

The major player behind its popularity is the variety of content, its constantly evolving features, a number of filters and effects, and finally thousands of soundtracks.

In some recent days, the video-sharing application has rolled another feature that enables the users to reply using videos. The majority of users are unable to spot this feature, hence are curious to know How To Reply With A Video TikTok. If you are among these users, here is all you need to know.

Reply With A Video On TikTok

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TikTok has now enabled content creators to interact with their fans in a whole new way. Instead of typing a whole new comment, players can now add a small video to respond to the comments made on their videos.

Here is how to Reply With A Video on TikTok:

  • Initially, find the comment you want to reply to and click on it.
  • Next, you have to tap on the red video icon located at the left side of your screen. You can look for this button where you normally type a response.
  • Now, you can reply to the comment by uploading a video from your gallery. Users can also create a whole new video instantly to share their thoughts about the comment.
  • Note that, you will also have option to select a desired length for the video. Select the part of video that you want to share and hit next button.
  • Following this, users are required to position the comment section in their preferred location and hit next.
  • Finally, tap on post to roll the video.
  • Users can also add stickers to the videos they want to reply with.

How To Change Text-To-Speech On TikTok

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Another feature that is constantly on the roll on the video-sharing app is Text-To-Speech On TikTok. This feature will add voice to your texts and it will make the content attractive and engaging. To lay your hands over this feature, follow the below steps:

  • Upload a video from your gallery or may record a new one also.
  • Now, select that part of video where you want to add the text to voice feature.
  • Save the video and tap on the add text option located at the bottom of your screen.
  • Once you have written the text, you are required to press and hold on to the text box.
  • You will witness some options, spot the option that reads Text-to-speech and tap enter.
  • This way, the new voice will automatically be added to the video and you can post the video right away.

Besides these useful features, users can hop into the viral trends to be popular on the Chinese video-sharing app. Some of the viral trends that are currently taking over the foryou page include the 54321 trend, the TikTok Starburst trend, The beer poster trend, and many other exciting trends.

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Closing Remarks

This was all about How To Reply With A Video on TikTok. Hopefully, the article has provided all information you needed to know.

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