I Just Wanna Be Appreciated TikTok — Viral Voice Note

Here comes another TikTok video with an emotional background story. I Just Wanna Be Appreciated TikTok video is going viral on internet these days. You probably have listened to it if you are a live on this video sharing application.

People are sharing videos using a track in which a woman says, she wanna be appreciated. Though people are pouring thousands of videos using the same background music. But nobody knows the tale behind this grieved voice and the origin of this TikTok sound track.

TikTok users are sharing videos of their clingy pets with the audio I Just Wanna Be Appreciated. The audio is also associated with videos featuring girlfriends or boyfriends. To all those who don’t know the backstory of this audio then keep scrolling and know all the facts related to the woman who recorded the audio and all the circumstances that made her to record it.

What Is I Just Wanna Be Appreciated TikTok

Image Of What Is I Just Wanna Be Appreciated TikTok.

The current famous audio track I Just Wanna Be Appreciated is originally recorded by a woman named Maritess Trosper. Trosper is a content writer who has been making videos since so long. Following her twitter we came to know that she is being making videos since 2016.

The original video is recorded by Maritess Trosper in a car where she says that she wants to be appreciated. Right after the video was uploaded, the audio went viral and it was used by so many TikTok users in various situations. The audio track is mostly used for videos featuring clingy pets.

Since 2019, Maritess Trosper has not uploaded any TikTok video on her account. Further, we are unable to get her on any of social media platform. Seems like she doesn’t use social media much. We have found her YouTube channel which seems to have re-uploaded content from her old account.

Other than this we are unable to find anything else about her. Using her old name @rjoyourjoy1919, she made a headline for being an enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump in 2016. Currently she has deleted all her social media accounts. The reason behind doing so is still unknown.

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I Just Wanna Be Appreciated Meme

A video made in 2017 by a lady sitting in her car has gone viral in 2020. She recorded the video while sharing her thought on a tough day. In the video she said “Sometimes it doesn’t matter who you are, sometimes it’s just lonely. Sometimes nobody understands that it doesn’t matter how strong you are. Have you felt that way? I just want to be appreciated. I want to be appreciated!”

This last sentence she said, has made to the For You page of TikTok in 2020. The hashtag “I just want to be appreciated” has been used for more than 104k times till now. Besides this, the sound track known as “ur appreciated ily” is being used for 57k TikTok videos.

After knowing about the voice behind this viral TikTok voice note people have reached the video and started commenting on the video saying they appreciate her. Though Maritess Trosper is not using TikTok since 2019, but we just hope that she get to know how much she is being appreciated now.

Here is a compilation of I Just Wanna Be Appreciated Tiktok Videos

Concluding Notes

This is all about the latest compilation of TikTok that has gone viral. Hopefully this piece of writing has provided you enough information about from where and how this viral sound track came from. Let us know with your comments if you have participated in this latest trend or not. If you have not participated yet, then come forward, Show some love to Maritess Trosper and let her know that she is appreciated.

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